Mario Kart Items That Should Return In Mario Kart 9

This is my second part of the prediction [the first one being the items that shouldn't return]. These are items from all games in the series which I really want to see back in Mario Kart 9. Of course you can change this list if you want to, because that gives me a better impression of how you guys think of it.

The Top Ten

1 Fake Item Box

Of course this is number one in my vision! I never understood why it was gone in Mario Kart 7, and neither did many others. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this item returns, because it is awesome for first place!

I only like this item in the games where the fake one looks like the real one. Later, it changed colour, and looked nothing like the real item box. - Martinglez

2 Bowser's Shell

It be cool to see this shell back - trains45

I want to see the Bowser Shell back. Maybe it even was the best item in Double Dash, but maybe not. But I wonder how it would look in Mario Kart 9. It probably would look awesome!

3 Giant Banana

I don't like bananas because you can't slow your pursuers down. But the Giant Banana from Double Dash did! I really like this item, especially when I drop it on narrow tracks, where it is nearly impossible for the others to avoid!

4 Boomerang Flower

Mario Kart 8 had this Boomerang item and I liked it! You can hit multiple people in one throw, and you may throw more than once!

5 Thunder Cloud

Hell no.

OK, don't hate me because I put this one in the list, but I want to see this item return in Mario Kart 9, although it might have a bit much items...

6 Super Horn

Oh no! A Blue Shell is coming to get you! Luckily you got a Super Horn from the Item Box you just ran into. All hooray for the Super Horn!

7 Bullet Bill Bullet Bill

I doubted whether to put Chain Chomp or Bullet Bill on number 7, but I chose Bullet Bill, since it is the most likely of the two to return.

Best item ever. - Martinglez

I couldn't choose whether to put the Chain Chomp or the Bullet Bill on nr. 7, but I chose Bullet Bill, because I think this is the most reasonable of the two to return [probably one of them will return and the other not...]

8 Chain Chomp Chain Chomp

The Bullet Bill was in my opinion a better version of the Chain Chomp, but the Chain Chomp was wilder and more hectical. But I think the Bullet Bill returns, not the Chain Chomp

9 Poison Mushroom

This item only appeared in the first edition of Mario Kart and since then, it has never been an item. So I might give some info about the Poison Mushroom: you get the Poison Mushroom as an item, and you let it drop on the race track. Whoever runs over, shrinks, but if they were already shrunk, they grow! Unfortunately, I don't think this item will return, since none of the items that didn't appear in Mario Kart 7 got in Mario Kart 8 - except from the new ones - and I don't think this is the most likely item to return...

10 Bob-omb Bob-omb

I don't want this item!

The Contenders

11 Banana
12 Lightning Bolt

I really enjoy screwing up those racers and making them small. - kmyeakel

13 Boo
14 POW Block

Don't think I'm crazy or something, but I love the POW Block from MKWii. I want this item to return.

15 Cape Feather

I know this is in Battle mode of Mario Kart 8 deluxe, but imagine in actual races like in super Mario kart! They could be as common as about a mushroom, and allow for a new kind of shortcut, where you jump over stuff instead of driving in grassm

16 Heart Item
17 Yoshi/Birdo Egg
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