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1 Bullet Bill Bullet Bill

You can barge through anyone using this item! it's just so epic! - Peppapigsucks

Gold mushroom+star+blue shell=bullet bill

The best of course - darthvadern

The Bullet Bill is just like the Chain Chomp but better. First of all it goes faster, and second, it makes you invincible (you are still vulnerable when using the Chain Chomp).

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2 Star

Great but bullet bill is better - darthvadern

Invincibility rocks! And is accompanied by great music!

This is the best 1, you can hit people outta u'r way and I think you get 5x or 10x more speed - PewDiePie

Get it at 3rd to last place. I think you go about 2x faster. You can slow down Bullet Bills by going in front of them. You can still steer not like Bullet Bill so you can go where ever you want; nocking out other karts along the way! JUST BE WARNED: It dosn't last for the rest of the race; so be carful!

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3 Golden Mushroom

You can just zoom past everyone with it - darthvadern

This can be quite annoying because it can make you go off the edge of the map quite a lot :(

So frustrating on Rainbow Road! - computerfan0

This mushroom is the best then any other if you press it more than once over and over again, then you can go 10x as much speed thatn others - PewDiePie

4 Triple Red Shells

Among the most helpful items - darthvadern

I once went a whole race with triple red shells and I only lost 1 if any.

These are 1 of the shells that hit the racer in back or front of U. - PewDiePie

This one is the best, I just love it so much. - BlueSheepYT

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5 Blue Shell Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

The wingless especially - darthvadern

In Mario Kart 8, you can use a Super horn to destroy the Blue Shell when it is circling above your vehicle.

The winged spiny shell isn't that helpful but the wingless version is. Not only it blows up on the first place kart, it can hit the other karts in it's way too!

I once did that trick where you had to use a mushroom to escape the blue shell it worked

Plus you could stop it with a super horn - ziadabdo3011

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6 Lightning Bolt

They're not that good - darthvadern

Love this item! Everyone loses their items while you can zip right by them!

7 Winged Spiny Shell

Why do we have two spiny shells on the list? - darthvadern

Oh my gosh I hard this once I was in first place and then one came and I lost the race and the cup. Which was the Class Championship not At school

This is the blue bomb that hits the racers that are either in 1st or 2nd place - PewDiePie

Getting hit by it is bad, but at least it is part of the competition.

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8 Red Shell

Better than green shell - darthvadern

9 Triple Mushroom

You can use tons of shortcuts with it - darthvadern

10 Super Horn

You are wrong, darthvadern. Mushrooms can help boost out of spiny shells, only for legitimately skilled players, unlike you. Boom, roasted!

Ok, this item is super lame.

The one item that can defeat the spiny shell - darthvadern

When it was first introduced, just about EVERYONE got excited because it was made to DESTROY the blue shell and they want REVENGE on the item that cost them so many victories.

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11 Big Mushroom

Unfortuanely only appeared in Mario Kart Wii - darthvadern

You can smash anyone and it is easy to avoid

12 Lucky 7

"The lucky seven huh? More like, we're out of ideas seven" - Nathaniel Bandy - darthvadern

13 8 Power Up

*Crazy 8. But it's slightly better than Lucky Seven due to the addition of one coin - darthvadern

You get 8 items, but I always just end up throwing them all over the place instead of strategically using them. AND IT HAS A BLOOPER. - Extractinator04

14 Mega Mushroom

Already on list - darthvadern

It's kinda hard to hit people with this

Mega Mushroom is very underrated.


15 Fire Flower

Better than red/green fire - darthvadern

Favourite item for sure


16 Triple Banana

They're good for blocking shells - darthvadern

17 Thunderbolt

They help you catch up the race, and you gotta send it to another player so you don't shrink. Very underrated and unique power-up - darthvadern

If you don't have the bullet bill/chain chomp or a golden mushroom to do your work, then the thunderbolt can. It's extremely useful to catch up because it slows down the karts because it shrinks them and you can flatten it,

This item helps you catch up and you can chain it in last and have a 8th or 12th place box in the top half of the pack.

Shrinks all other racers, they loose their items, and they go slower - Ajkloth

18 Mushroom

Good are they - darthvadern

19 Triple Green Shell

They're alright - darthvadern

You get two more tries from using this cool item.

20 Feather

It was a nice idea for Nintendo to bring the Feather item back to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe...

... but as a battle mode exclusive. - GL0W

The root of the gliders - darthvadern

21 Piranha Plant Piranha Plant

Great one! It gives you boost but also attacks other players - darthvadern

22 Chain Chomp Chain Chomp

This item should come back in the next mario kart game

Not a fan of this one. Your kart is uncontrollabe and when he escapes you have bad luck of maybe falling of the track - darthvadern


23 Boo

Not that good - darthvadern

This item will get more popular as people get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (for the Nintendo Switch), because it's so awesome! It makes you invincible and invisible plus you steal stuff from other people!

Steal an item from a random person! You could steal a Bob-omb or a Star or a Bullet Bill or a Gold Mushroom or maybe, if you are unlucky, a Coin. You seem to get these more often in first place...

24 Green Shell Green Shell

It's alright honestly - darthvadern

At first I thought it was useless, but after learning to hold it behind you to block red shells and others, it's pretty useful.

25 Crazy 8 Crazy 8

Already on the list - darthvadern

26 Boomerang Flower

They are quite decent if you ask me - darthvadern

I love hitting others twice with the same boomerang. - computerfan0

You can just snipe and snipe and snipe

27 Super Leaf

Good for Battle Mode, terrible in races - darthvadern

28 Banana

Only good for blocking red and green shells - darthvadern

29 Giga Mushroom

Thrice on the list - darthvadern

You will get a tremendous amount of size that will allow you to crush ANYTHING in your way.

30 Heart

You steal items with it so yeah - darthvadern

This is a good item to defend yourself with. I still wish that it could protect you from three items instead of two, and that a heart wouldn't get wasted when you hit a Mushroom or Star.

Bowser shells as Peach! Time for revenge on being kidnaped so mmaannyy times! - computerfan0

31 Thunder Cloud

Yes, it's a great item that should return.

A game of Hot Kart starts when someone picks this item. A game in a game, right?

32 Giant Banana

Good for blocking people - darthvadern

33 Poison Mushroom

They should bring it back - darthvadern

34 Coin

Better than Blooper but still - darthvadern

I don't understand why they ever made the coin an ITEM. Like, you are in first place, and you have the maximum amount of coins, so you don't need a coin, but a banana, a green shell, or even better a super horn. And you get a coin. It's so annoying and I don't know why it even is on the list.

Coins lie around the track, who the hell wants a coin from an ITEM BOX? - BlueSheepYT

35 POW Block

Underrated. Requires skill to avoid getting affected by it - darthvadern

I like using POWs to delay other players when in races. It is really fun!

36 Bowser Bombshell

Huh? - darthvadern

This bombshell will make a huge shockwave at the players, blowing them of the race at tremendous speeds.

37 Item Box

That's not an item - darthvadern

38 Decoy Box

Does not exist - darthvadern

39 Bob-omb Bob-omb

Not a fan, quite annoying - darthvadern

40 Red Fire

They can be helpful - darthvadern

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