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1 Bullet Bill

The Bullet Bill is just like the Chain Chomp but better. First of all it goes faster, and second, it makes you invincible (you are still vulnerable when using the Chain Chomp).

With this item, you will turn invincible, go super fast, and you don't have to do anything when this speeder is being used.

This item rocks! Why is this not in the top ten? You go blazing fast and knock people over

Should of been first its OP - Chris051

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2 Star

Invincibility rocks! And is accompanied by great music!

This is the best 1, you can hit people outta u'r way and I think you get 5x or 10x more speed - PewDiePie

Get it at 3rd to last place. I think you go about 2x faster. You can slow down Bullet Bills by going in front of them. You can still steer not like Bullet Bill so you can go where ever you want; nocking out other karts along the way! JUST BE WARNED: It dosn't last for the rest of the race; so be carful!

3 Triple Red Shells

These are 1 of the shells that hit the racer in back or front of U. - PewDiePie

This one is the best, I just love it so much. - BlueSheepYT

These are so good. You can just spam the L button and hit everyone with your red shells of awesomeness.

So homing

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4 Golden Mushroom

This can be quite annoying because it can make you go off the edge of the map quite a lot :(

So frustrating on Rainbow Road! - computerfan0

This mushroom is the best then any other if you press it more than once over and over again, then you can go 10x as much speed thatn others - PewDiePie

5 Winged Spiny Shell

Oh my gosh I hard this once I was in first place and then one came and I lost the race and the cup. Which was the Class Championship not At school

This is the blue bomb that hits the racers that are either in 1st or 2nd place - PewDiePie

Getting hit by it is bad, but at least it is part of the competition.

I hate this item so much >.< - BlueSheepYT

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6 Lightning Bolt
7 Super Horn

When it was first introduced, just about EVERYONE got excited because it was made to DESTROY the blue shell and they want REVENGE on the item that cost them so many victories.

8 Blue Shell Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

The winged spiny shell isn't that helpful but the wingless version is. Not only it blows up on the first place kart, it can hit the other karts in it's way too!

I once did that trick where you had to use a mushroom to escape the blue shell it worked

Plus you could stop it with a super horn - ziadabdo3011

Why put the Blue Shell TWICE? It sucks! - BlueSheepYT

Much more destrutive than its winged friend

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9 Big Mushroom

You can smash anyone and it is easy to avoid

10 8 Power Up

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11 Triple Mushroom
12 Lucky 7
13 Fire Flower


14 Mega Mushroom

Mega Mushroom is very underrated.


15 Mushroom
16 Thunderbolt

If you don't have the bullet bill/chain chomp or a golden mushroom to do your work, then the thunderbolt can. It's extremely useful to catch up because it slows down the karts because it shrinks them and you can flatten it,

This item helps you catch up and you can chain it in last and have a 8th or 12th place box in the top half of the pack.

Shrinks all other racers, they loose their items, and they go slower - Ajkloth

17 Feather
18 Red Shell
19 Triple Banana
20 Piranha Plant
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