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21 Decoy Box
22 Lucky 7
23 Triple Green Shell
24 Thunder Cloud

A game of Hot Kart starts when someone picks this item. A game in a game, right?

25 Banana
26 Giant Banana
27 Feather
28 Boo
29 Poison Mushroom
30 Coin

I don't understand why they ever made the coin an ITEM. Like, you are in first place, and you have the maximum amount of coins, so you don't need a coin, but a banana, a green shell, or even better a super horn. And you get a coin. It's so annoying and I don't know why it even is on the list.

31 POW block

I like using POWs to delay other players when in races. It is really fun!

32 Bowser Bombshell

This bombshell will make a huge shockwave at the players, blowing them of the race at tremendous speeds.

33 Item Box
34 Green Shell
35 Mushroom
36 Heart

This is a good item to defend yourself with. I still wish that it could protect you from three items instead of two, and that a heart wouldn't get wasted when you hit a Mushroom or Star.

Bowser shells as Peach! Time for revenge on being kidnaped so mmaannyy times! - computerfan0

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