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1 Wii U Lightning Cup

This defines what a Lightning Cup should be and succeeds in every single track included. The weakest track was in my opinion DS Tick-Tock Clock due to the fact that I'm not a fan of technology-themed tracks, but even then this remake of the track is actually really great and cool. It only gets better from there though, as 3DS Piranha Plant Slide is one of the most stunning and original retro tracks in the game with its underground theme. And then we have my favourite retro track in Mario Kart 8 outside of DLC, and one of my favourite retro courses ever made, namely Wii Grumble Volcano. And while N64 Rainbow Road is slightly (emphasis on SLIGHTLY) overrated, I still adore it a lot because of what it accomplishes. Overall the best Lightning Cup and one of the best MK cups of all time. - darthvadern

Tick Tock Clock - They turned an amazing track on the DS to something even better. Now it looks like you’re driving inside of an actual clock!
Piranha Plant Pipeway - Not much chanced, but did it really need to?
Grumble Volcano - I missed that glitch at the beginning of the track that allowed you to skip laps, but it’s still great!
Rainbow Road - the original track on the N64 was boring as. But now it actually feels like a final track, and they got rid of some guard rails! - FremantleDockers

2 3DS Lightning Cup

On average the really good tracks in this cup are actually more fun than the ones in Wii U's Lightning Cup, with the difference being that the last track in this cup kinda brings it down, namely the anti-climactic SNES Rainbow Road. That track was just very mono and dull. The rest of the cup..., amazing! Wii Koopa Cape, DS Airship Fortess and GCN Dino Dino Jungle are both some of my top ten favourite retro tracks of all time and if only SNES Rainbow Road had more changes to it, this cup might've been at first place. - darthvadern

Koopa Cape - this track was completely ruined. Why was the pipe part replaced by an underwater section? What was the point of having that? Other than that, no other complaints.
Dino Dino Jungle - I’m terrible at this track on Double Dash, but I’m much better at it on MK7. My only complaint is that the water doesn’t throw you up, it just hits you.
Airship Fortress - Didn’t add much, but didn’t need to, still a great track based on SMB3.
Rainbow Road - the idea of adding rainbow roads as retro cups was a great idea. This track was fun to play on. - FremantleDockers

3 Wii Lightning Cup

Aside from having what might actually be my favourite retro track in ALL of Mario Kart..., this Lightning Cup can be stated as slightly underwhelming. Pros first, N64 Bowser Castle is just downright awesome. The ambiance and track design is superb for having been a former N64 stage, and it really feels creepy. The rest of the cup is pretty good but they aren't the typical Lightning Cup-tier. DS Peach Gardens is quite a great track with its many paths and nice atmoshpere and while GCN DK Mountain isn't nearly as good as it was on the Gamecube, it's still a cool track. This cup is ultimately let down by SNES Mario Circuit 3, which has no place in this cup to be completely honest. It's quite barren and I find the track design to be incredibly boring. However I like the music in that track which makes not despise it luckily. But overall this Lightning Cup is pretty good but it's not the best one. - darthvadern

SNES Mario Circuit 3 - too easy and trash track. 1/10
DS Peach Gardens - not hard at all and boring track. 5/10
GCN DK Mountain - THEY RUINED IT 1/10
N64 Bowser's Castle - 10/10 a true masterpiece

Mario Circuit - this track has absolutely no business being on this cup. It’s way too easy. Should’ve at least replaced it with Ghost Valley.
Peach Gardens - OK track, not much I can really add.
DK Mountain - Still a great track no matter what. Do people only hate it because they added ramps on the mountains? It’s just one part of the track...
Bowser’s Castle - Solid way to end the cup, creepy music and lots of thwomps to avoid. - FremantleDockers

True. The original was much more fun and harder than the Wii remake, probably due to the pace of Double Dash though. - FremantleDockers

4 GBA Lightning Cup

This Lightning Cup is special because hosts nitro tracks in Mario Kart Super Circuit, instead of the average retro tracks. This makes it pretty special, but how special are the tracks? Well it contains pretty original tracks. Sky Garden and Sunset Wilds are some of my favourite tracks in the game, and Luigi Circuit is pretty interesting with the rain. Cheep Cheep Island, while a bit boring has a nice sunset layout. So two awesome tracks and two just decent tracks. - darthvadern

Luigi Circuit - I like the idea of having rain and slippery road. This along with Royal Raceway are the best circuit tracks in my opinion.
Sky Garden - Best track in Super Circuit in my opinion. Having a track based in the clouds was fun.
Cheep Cheep Island - Overall boring, and felt too long.
Sunset Wilds - I really want to see this track return for Mario Kart 9. I just love the Dynamic weather. - FremantleDockers

5 DS Lightning Cup

In my opinion this was WAY too underwhelming! It defies what a Lightning Cup should be, an epic retro finale. Instead we're greeted with SNES Choco Island 2, one of the worst Mario Kart tracks of all time, and the butchered remake of GCN Yoshi Circuit, which for some reason is the last track in the game..., well at least N64 Banshee Boardwalk and GBA Sky Garden are some of the best retro tracks in the game, so I guess it's a 50/50 cup in my opinion. But, being that extreme, it really isn't fun. - darthvadern

Let's see..., SNES Mario Circuit 1, GBA Peach Circuit, GCN Luigi Circuit, GBA Luigi Circuit, GCN Yoshi Circuit. Now that's an extreme amount - darthvadern

SNES Choco Island 2 - more like Penis Island 2 0/10
N64 Banshee Boardwalk - THEY RUINED IT 7.8/10 too much water
GBA Sky Garden - LEGENDARY 10/10
GCN Yoshi Circuit - LEGENDARY 10/10

The choices Mario Kart DS made for retro tracks was terrible. Yoshi Circuit being the last track of the last cup makes no sense to me.

Choco Island - I didn’t like the Choco Island tracks on SMK, but this definitely improved.
Banshee Boardwalk - Best retro track choice in my opinion, always thought that the m
Sky Garden - This was the best track on Super Circuit, love how they brought it back.
Yoshi Circuit - Like I said, this being the last track of the last cup made zero sense to me. - FremantleDockers

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