Top 10 Mario Kart Retro Tracks

This list shows the best tracks that have been released as a retro track in a later game to its' original in DS - Wii U.

The Top Ten

1 GCN Sherbet Land (8)

I've never played Double Dash, so I'm just going to say what I think of 8's depiction.

It's alright. Nothing too special. - lamourieparkinson

2 N64 Bowser Castle (Wii)

Original: Those laughing Thwomps scare me, even though I'm 16
MKWii: Much Better

In the original, this was the hardest track in the whole game (because Rainbow Road had like three Chomps and had rails the whole way) and was hard to navigate around without smacking into a Thwomp.

The course has only been toned down slightly, but it's still in the Top 5 of the hardest courses in Wii. Sadly, that one caged thwomp is no longer green! Blasphemers. - lamourieparkinson

3 GCN DK Mountain (Wii)

Why did they add those half-pipes and ramps? It's a MOUNTAIN! - lamourieparkinson

How is this not #1. Sherbet land and N64 Bowser castle both are terrible. This is a good stage

4 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway (8)

And the award for "Most Overrated Course" goes to... - lamourieparkinson

5 DS Airship Fortress (7)

I haven't played 7, so what do I think of the original? I really enjoy it, actually. Too bad you're only on the airship itself 50% of the time. - lamourieparkinson

6 N64 DK'S Jungle Parkway (Wii)
7 SNES Rainbow Road (8)
8 GBA Bowser Castle 3 (Wii)
9 DS Tick Tock Clock (8)
10 GCN Yoshi Circuit (8)

The Contenders

11 GCN Daisy Cruiser (7)

Absolutely no opinion. I've never played Double Dash OR 7. - lamourieparkinson

12 GBA Cheese Land (8)

People always say that Nintendo doesn't use SNES and GBA tracks because there is not enough to work with. But this proves them wrong

13 N64 Yoshi Valley
14 N64 Royal Raceway (8)
15 DS Waluigi Pinball (7)
16 GBA Mario Circuit (8)
17 DS Wario Stadium (8)
18 3DS Wuhu Town (8 Deluxe)

IT'S A BATTLE STAGE. Get this off the list. - lamourieparkinson

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