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21 Sugarscoot

I really like the bike. Its not the best, but it is satisfying. I also like the old school style it's got to it. Very cool bike indeed.

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22 Piranha Prowler
23 Bit Bike V 1 Comment
24 Zip Zip

The Zip Zip is my personal favorite Vehicle in any Mario kart game. It has Good stats, and is easy to handle. Also it has a very nice look to it, it has a 1940's sort of look to it, not some hipster crotch-rocket.

25 Shooting Star

That is impossible for it to be last it is my #2behind the sneakster

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26 Daytripper

This kart is awesome and I use it with Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr.Go Daytripper!

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27 Bowser Bike

This bike and Rosalina are the two reasons why the person in second place looks like he or she is losing. I nearly did a full lap around Baby Peach on this bike. Nearly. Oh, happy moment. I just killed my time on every single track!

The Bowser bike is the flame runner and the flame runner already is at 2nd

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28 Standard Kart
29 Offroader

If I get this game this is the kart I am using with Waluigi

30 Tiny Titan

I love This Kart Because Toad Is My Favorite Characters And He Look's so Cute Riding It

This is Hands down best Vehicle in the game!

I always use it I think it's awesome - LoneShadow379

31 Phantom

This bike looks cool with rosalina

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32 Standard Kart S
33 Standard Bike A V 2 Comments
34 Sneakster
35 Dry Bomber
36 Standard Bike S
37 Bon Bon

The Bon Bon is so awesome. Yeah, It's low in speed and drift, but the handling and the acceleration is all to make up for it!

By the way, it's called Bon Bon in the Euroupean versions, while in the other versions, it's called the Sugarscoot.

38 Twinkle Star
39 Standard Kart M

When I used this kart in my first race it was cool to ride

40 Bubble Bike
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