Top Ten Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Songs

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has some of the best songs in the mario series, here's the best of them! Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Dreamy Castle Rendezvous

Aah, this is in my opinion, the best song in the entire game! Yes, better than Adventure's End, Final Antasma Battle and all those songs below, this is the big deal! This is alone a reason to get the game, and there's a lot of reasons to get this game! This song is so unique and great and I love it so much! And coming frmo someone who played this game as a teenager: nostalgia! - darthvadern

2 Break at Pi'illo Castle

A close second is the normal world version of Dreamy Castle Rendezvous, this song was just so good! It's even more nostalgic and it's so fun to listen too! It sounds so unique and it actually feels like you're on a vacation! - darthvadern

3 Adventure's End

This song was so epic and it truly showed what a mad man Bowser really is! Most games portray Bowser and a clich├ęd villian in love with Peach, but this fight showed what a crazy guy he is! And the song made it even more epic! - darthvadern

4 Sacred Somnon Woods

Such a beautiful song! It has a calm vibe to it and it's very fun to listen too! You can't tell me this song isn't calm! - darthvadern

5 The Final Antasma Battle

This is an excellent song for a second-to-last boss battle in a mario game (I prefer Closing Battle from Super Paper Mario, but this one's excellent too). It definitely makes you feel like you're adventure's soon over, but you still have a nemesis to defeat, and this one in particular has a sad vibe to it - darthvadern

It's got a great level of energy! - LightningStrike

6 Breezy Mushrise Park

This is a song that fits both as a park song and a beach song, it's very calm and gives you a sense of relaxion and calmness, although maybe not peace, oh well, that's beyond the point, this song is really good - darthvadern

7 The Law of Mount Pajamaja

This song sounds kinda similar to "The Burgomeister" from Quest For Glory: Shadows of Darkness, but this one has such an adventurous theme and it truly feels like you're on an expedition while climbing the mountain - darthvadern

8 Lofty Mount Pajamaja

When you reach halfway through of Mount Pajamaja, this song plays instead, and it has a more sad and calm tone to it, I prefer The Law of Mount Pajamaja, but this song is great too! - darthvadern

9 Shopping in Wakeport

Wakeport was by far my favourite area in the game, I just loved the vacation theme and feel. The song doesn't dissapoint either, it truly feels like you're on a vacation! - darthvadern

10 Try, Try Again

The Contenders

11 Glorious Pajamaja Dreams

This and Dreamy Castle Rendezvous are the only dream songs on my list, this one definitely sounds like there's something big error that has happened, and I like it, a creepy and good song - darthvadern

12 Victory in the Dream World
13 Never Let Up
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