Top Ten Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Boss Battles

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey is released in Europe on January 25th of 2019, which is less than a week left! I'll be making lists centered around Mario & Luigi until the game is released. A while ago I made a list of the best locations in Superstar Saga, yesterday I made a list about the best soundtracks in Paper Jam so now it's time for the bosses of Superstar Saga, so without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Boss Battles

1 Cackletta's Soul

The final boss is surely the best one in this game. It's without a doubt the hardest boss battle in the game, and maybe even one of the hardest Mario boss battles of all time. The music is quite awesome and excellent, the overall challenge is very satisfying to complete and play, the setting is set in Bowser's belly, however it looks like you're battling in h***, I mean seriously. Although the remake kidna ruined this, it was awesome there as well. Easly the best boss in the game - darthvadern

2 Wiggler

Wiggler, a very cool recurring enemy in my opinion on mario games, that sometimes serve as a boss battle. An example of a game where it serves as a boss in Superstar Saga, and honestly is it my favourite standard boss in the game. I like how you gotta turn him yellow by jumping on every part of his body and then you can damage him. Quite unique. Excellent boss - darthvadern

3 Hermie III

Alright so flaws first. This might be the slowest boss battle in the game as it takes forever to defeat him. However it's luckily, not that big of a deal I suposse as he has one of the best designs in the game. I love that hermit crap look and his green shell that looks like a christmas tree. He also talks in a very childish manner and I like it - darthvadern

4 Cackletta

I really like how our main antanogist of the game is actually first fought in the middle of the game, and the fact that her standard form was only fought here. She's quite a challenging boss battle and has some cool attacks and awesome music in the background - darthvadern

5 Mom Piranha

This boss battle was quite unique and had some cool gimmicks. This boss will always have minions to protect her that must first be defeated in order to damage the boss itself and I like it. At times the boss will switch colour as well, from red to blue and vice versa. If she's red, then lightning attacks are critical and fire attacks will heal the boss. If she's blue then it's the other way around. Really great boss - darthvadern

6 Chuckolator

I don't remember too much of this boss, but I remember it being very fun, and original! I mean look it's a soda monster that looks like a warrior how creative is that? That is alone a reason to put it on the list, of course! At times the chuckolator will switch weapon between a sword and a gun. This is surely a great boss! - darthvadern

7 Bowletta

Even though for me personally this boss battle was just way too easy, it's ok, why? Because it's technically the first phase of the final boss, the second one is Cackletta's Soul and you're supposed to first think the boss was east but then realize that you have a whole new level of challenge once you realize it's not over yet. Really good boss honestly - darthvadern

8 Fawful Fawful, known in Japan as Gerakobits, is a fictional character appearing in the Mario & Luigi series of role-playing video games developed by AlphaDream.

The second-to-last boss (although he was technically the second boss in the game as well but he was really just a tutorial, as Tolstar (the third boss) is the actual first boss in the game). It's quite good, and it surely is difficult (at least more difficult than Bowletta) although frustration rate can come at times because I think you had to like wait until you could damage him because he had a shield of some sort as well. Anyway the point is I like this boss - darthvadern

9 Trunkle

Overall an average boss battle. A living rock with some cool gimmicks and I really like how when the health is reduced by half he will turn into four mini-trunkles and you must attack the one with a berry in its mouth and it's quite a puzzle at times. But it can get slightly frustrating at times as well - darthvadern

10 Tolstar

The real first boss in the game is quite memorable in my opinion. The design is quite cool and overall it's an enjoyable boss. My only problem is that the boss is way too easy to complete and a quite short. Other than that though since it's the first boss in the game I gotta give it credit for that - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Piranha Bean

The only boss fight with the normal battle theme! Why, because you only play as Luigi.

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