Top 10 Best Mario Party 1-3 Minigames

The best Mario Party mini-games from the first 3 Mario Party games during the N64 era.

The Top Ten

1 Toadstool Titan (Mario Party 3)

Really fun four player game players break the blocks until a mega mushroom appear the player who gets turns into a giant an attempts to run down the others. - egnomac

2 Shell Shocked (Mario Party 2)

4 players battle one another using tanks as they blast each other depending on the arena it can either into a quick free for all or a game of hide and seek players can also fire overhead so no player is truly safe. - egnomac

3 Bobsled Run (Mario Party 2)

One of the best two player game two teams race down an icy slide players must cooperate to cross the finish line while avoid falling off the track. - egnomac

4 Face Lift (Mario Party 2)

Just like in the opening of Super Mario 64 players have to match the face of the character in all sorts of wacky positions the original Mario Party had players pulling and tugging on Bowser's Face Mario Party 2's version is better as you get more different characters to play around with. - egnomac

5 Handcar Havoc (Mario Party 2)

An improvement of the original from the first MP game without the risk of falling off the track. - egnomac

6 Shy Guy Says (Mario Party 1)

A game that keeps you on your toes raise the red or white flag depending on which flag Shy Guy raises as the game continues the speed picks up and hell attempt to trick you by raising two pushing your reflexes to the test. - egnomac

7 Snowball Summit (Mario Party 3)

Really fun four player mini-game building up a snowball as big as you can to knock the other players out of the arena - egnomac

8 Bounce N' Trounce (Mario Party 3)

A better version of Bumper Balls this time players can use an attack to knock the others out all the while as pieces of the stage falls off making it harder and harder to stay on. - egnomac

9 Mushroom Mix-Up (Mario Party 1)

A simple yet fun mini-game 4 players attempt to be the last one standing as players move to the colored mushroom that Toad waves while at the same time trying to knock the other players into the water. - egnomac

10 Eatsa Pizza (Mario Party 3)

Teams of two compete to eat as much of their half of the Pizza a pretty fun mini-game. - egnomac

I really liked this min-game.

The Contenders

11 Bowser's Big Blast (Mario Party 2)
12 Whack-A-Plant (Mario Party 1)
13 Bumper Ball Maze (Mario Party 1)

Like bumper balls but it's @1 player and you navigating gate through a narrows maze

14 Platform Peril (Mario Party 1)
15 Dungeon Dash (Mario Party 2)
16 Ridiculous Relay (Mario Party 3)
17 Eye Sore (Mario Party 3)
18 Running of the Bulb (Mario Party 1)
19 Bumper Balls (Mario Party 1)
20 Lava Tile Isle (Mario Party 2)
21 Sky Pilots (Mario Party 2)
22 Tick Tock Hop (Mario Party 3)
23 Parosal Peril (Mario Party 3)
24 Grab Bag (Mario Party 1)
25 Ice Rink Risk (Mario Party 3)
26 Mario's Puzzle Party (Mario Party 3)

Just a really fun puzzle game.

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