Top Ten Best Mario Party 10 Minigames

The Top Ten
1 Snake Block Party

If you remember Skyjinks from Mario Party 9, well this is the same thing except instead of platforms you walk on snake-blocks, and that just makes it a lot better automatically, as there's more skill involved in not falling off these, in contrast to say just making jumps from platform to platform.

2 Bobsled Battle
3 Revolving Relay
4 Rapid River Race
5 Ice Slide, You Slide
6 Bubble Squabble
7 Soccer Brawl
8 Meanie Match

Overall Meanie Match is easily my favourite minigame, thanks to how skillfull and addictive it is at the same time. Enemies are standing on a few spots in a circle and after a few seconds you must memorize where each enemy stood and the last player without making any errors wins. It's just a really great minigame that really does test your memorization skill more than any other minigame. Even I find it to be a bit of a challenge, and I love it!

9 Badminton Bash

I figured out I might as well add one extras mode minigame, that being Badminton Bash, because it's just that great! Badminton is one of my favourite sports, and seeing such an underrated gem of an activity brought to Mario Party just puts a smile onto my face. It plays exactly like you expect it too as well. No complex new additional rules..., just normal badminton. I LOVE IT!

10 Fuzzy Fliers
The Contenders
11 Skewer Scurry

It's like Squish Kebab from Mario Party: Island Tour but this time there are scewers on all sides of the arena and there's one player who controls them, which makes it just so much better and more fun. Playing both sides is fun but I prefer being on the team here, trying to avoid all scewers.

12 Spring Fling

It's basically Gimme a Sign from Mario Party 7 but 1 player agianst 3 instead of a duel minigame, and that was one of my favourite minigames from 7. It's just really fun trying to make sure you don't stand on the platform of four which will mean your defeat.

13 Fruit Scoot Scurry

I believe this was the first minigame revealed in Mario Party 10, but either way, it's really fun. You need to get as many fruits by jumping from platform to platform. It's not only satisfying as heck, but I also love the setting here.., jumping around in pillars which have sunk halfway through quicksand.

14 Cliffside Crisis

There's two rows of bomps that will push outwarts and inwards and you must not fall off the stage. It's actually really fun and unique, and it's one of my go to minigames from this game.

15 Platform Push

You must be the last one standing on a platform by pushing off the others and making sure you don't fall off, as the arena gets smaller every five seconds. It's pretty great and addictive!

16 Spiked Ball Scramble
17 Foo Me Once

You need to memorize a path with holes in it and the only way to get past them is to know which button to press by memorizing the path beforehand. It's similar to Chain Chomp Romp in Mario Party 9, and I loved that minigame with a passion and so I of course do the same with this one.

18 Shy Guy Shuffle

It's one of those sharp eye minigames where a bunch of Shy Guys are switching places, and you need to keep track of the one with the most donuts under their food dome. I just really like these types of minigames...

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