Top 10 Best Mario Party 4-7 Mini-Games

Like the previous list this time we focus on the best Mario Party mini-games from 4-7 the gamecube era.

The Top Ten

1 Lift Leapers (MP 6)

One of the best mini games from MP 6 four players compete in a series of platforming sections and make their way towards the goal. - egnomac

2 Dungeon Duos (MP 4)

This is a really good mini-game!

One of the best two player mini games you and your partner cooperate to make your way to the finish and escape the dungeon team work is the key to winning this minigame to clear the obstacles if neither of you are on the same page your going to lose. - egnomac

3 Coney Island (MP 5)

I always really loved this mini game players attempt to catch falling ice cream with a cone the layer with the most wins and the more ice cream you catch the slower you move so it always feels balanced. - egnomac

4 Jump The Gun (MP 6)

One player shoots bullets for the partner character to jump on and make their way to the goal making sure the bullets aren't too far away from each other so they can make it across safetly. - egnomac

5 Camp Ukiki (MP 7)
6 Three Throw (MP 4)

Another really great Mario Party 4 mini game four players throw basketballs as rows of hoops move across at different speeds feels like - egnomac

7 Fun Run (MP 7)
8 Booksquirm (MP 4)
9 Jump Man (MP 7)

A DK mini game where the player races Donkey Kong to the top while jumping over moving barrels like in the Donkey Kong arcade. - egnomac

10 Buss Buffer (MP5)

The Contenders

11 Deck Hands (MP 7)
12 Pushy Penguins (MP 5)
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