Best Mario Party 5 Minigames

The Top Ten Best Mario Party 5 Minigames

1 Pushy Penguins

I really love this minigame

Quite good - darthvadern

2 Hydrostars
3 Frozen Frenzy

This is one of my favourites! Excellent setting and it's fun overall - darthvadern

4 Later Skater
5 Hotel Goomba

I disagree, boring and quite irritating - darthvadern

6 Curvy Curbs
7 Coney Island

Eh, I find it annoying rather - darthvadern

8 Astro-Logical
9 Defuse or Lose

This one is stressful but it's among my favourites easly - darthvadern

10 Frightmare

The Contenders

11 Bill Blasters
12 Panic Pinball

Probably one of my favourite 2 vs. 2 minigames - darthvadern

13 Mario Mechs
14 Pop Star Piranhas
15 Revolving Fire
16 Shy Guy Showdown

Oh yes, I remember this one, it's alright but basic - darthvadern

17 Night Light Fright

This one's quite good and requires skill - darthvadern

18 Leaf Leap
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