Best Mario Party 9 Boss Minigames


The Top Ten

1 Bowser's Block Battle

Pretty good, but I think number #1 is a bit too high for this one - darthvadern

A bit overrated, but still pretty great and epic - darthvadern

I love this game!

2 Chain Chomp Romp

My favourite boss in the game, so awesomne and takes much skill - darthvadern

The best one! - darthvadern

Definitely fun to play, and fun to troll other players with.

3 Blooper Barrage

Motion controls may be annoying but it's done quite well this time, plus excellent music - darthvadern

The motion controls were quite good in this one - darthvadern

4 Cheep Cheep Shot

A bit basic and boring, but I don't mind it - darthvadern

A bit boring - darthvadern

5 King Boo's Puzzle Attack

I love this one a lot - darthvadern

Yes this one's awesomne! - darthvadern

6 Bowser Jr. Breakdown

Probably the worst one in my opinion, no skill, just luck, and boring as well - darthvadern

The worst one in my opinion - darthvadern

7 Deck Dry Bones

This one's entertaining! Probably the best mid-boss in the game - darthvadern

This is my favourite mid-boss in the game easly, so fun and requires thinking - darthvadern

8 Whomp Stomp

Luck done right

A bit troublesome when you get squashed, but an all-around great minigame. - Synchronocity

The most entertaining mid-boss - darthvadern

Second fave mid boss - darthvadern

9 Spike Strike

I love the way the characters make ugly faces when they pick up a branch. Wario especially.

Quite entertaining, but the motion controls, unlike in Blooper Barrage aren't as comfortable, plus you get too stressed during this fight - darthvadern

A bit annoying but enjoyable - darthvadern

10 Wiggler Bounce

Quite good for a first boss in game (excluding Lakitu) - darthvadern

pretty fun - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Sock It to Lakitu

Toad Road

12 King Bob-Omb
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Top Remixes

1. Bowser's Block Battle
2. Chain Chomp Romp
3. King Boo's Puzzle Attack
1. Blooper Barrage
2. Cheep Cheep Shot
3. Deck Dry Bones
1. Bowser's Block Battle
2. Bowser Jr. Breakdown
3. Chain Chomp Romp


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