Best Mario Party 9 Boss Minigames

The Top Ten

1 Bowser's Block Battle

Pretty good, but I think number #1 is a bit too high for this one - darthvadern

A bit overrated, but still pretty great and epic - darthvadern

2 Chain Chomp Romp

My favourite boss in the game, so awesomne and takes much skill - darthvadern

The best one! - darthvadern

Definitely fun to play, and fun to troll other players with.

3 Blooper Barrage

Motion controls may be annoying but it's done quite well this time, plus excellent music - darthvadern

The motion controls were quite good in this one - darthvadern

4 Cheep Cheep Shot

A bit basic and boring, but I don't mind it - darthvadern

A bit boring - darthvadern

5 King Boo's Puzzle Attack

I love this one a lot - darthvadern

Yes this one's awesomne! - darthvadern

6 Bowser Jr. Breakdown

Probably the worst one in my opinion, no skill, just luck, and boring as well - darthvadern

The worst one in my opinion - darthvadern

7 Deck Dry Bones

This one's entertaining! Probably the best mid-boss in the game - darthvadern

This is my favourite mid-boss in the game easly, so fun and requires thinking - darthvadern

8 Whomp Stomp

Luck done right

A bit troublesome when you get squashed, but an all-around great minigame. - Synchronocity

The most entertaining mid-boss - darthvadern

Second fave mid boss - darthvadern

9 Spike Strike

I love the way the characters make ugly faces when they pick up a branch. Wario especially.

Quite entertaining, but the motion controls, unlike in Blooper Barrage aren't as comfortable, plus you get too stressed during this fight - darthvadern

A bit annoying but enjoyable - darthvadern

10 Wiggler Bounce

Quite good for a first boss in game (excluding Lakitu) - darthvadern

pretty fun - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Sock It to Lakitu

Toad Road

12 King Bob-Omb
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