Top 10 Best Mario Party 9 Minigames (Excluding Bosses)

Oh, Mario Party 9. The first Mario Party game I played. Yeah, I never played 1-8, so what? I still have good time with the game. The minigames in particular are really fun and competitive for me and my family. So today, I'm counting down the Best Mario Party 9 Minigames. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Peak Precision

My personal favorite. The speed of the minigame really gives it a challenge. - Gametoon

Love this game, it's good to know this one minigame has fifteen of the votes.

I love it! Catchy music, and the minigame itself is pretty fun! It's definitely one of the best! - darthvadern

I love this minigame a lot! I almost ALWAYS get 1st place, I only got 4th one time and that was with all master difficulty.

2 Tumble Temple

This one is decent - darthvadern

A really exciting one. It's so exhilirating. - Gametoon

3 Pizza Me, Mario

A fun quick timing minigame. - Gametoon

I love Pizza! - darthvadern

4 Flinger Painting

Very quick reacting and fun. - Gametoon

Very cool minigame - darthvadern

5 Skyjinks

This one is good - darthvadern

6 Goomba Bowling

Goomba bowling is awesome especially the actual full game of bowling

7 Fungi Frenzy

One of the few luck-based minigames the series got right. - Gametoon

Fun minigame. - darthvadern

8 Goomba Village

This one is alright - darthvadern

9 Speeding Bullets

I like the use of motion controls. - darthvadern

Meh, I don't really like the motion controls in this one. - Gametoon

10 Upwards Mobility

I love this one - darthvadern

I like climbing. I hate falling.

The Contenders

11 Tuber Tug

You spam two buttons and shake. That's what you do! THAT's THE WHOLE DAMN THING! - Gametoon

I am always trying for a new record. It's so addictive! - darthvadern

12 Toad and Go Seek

This one is fun. - darthvadern

Meh, it's alright. It's just too easy to find the Toad. - Gametoon

13 Pianta Pool

I don't like it - darthvadern

It's okay. - Gametoon

14 10 to Win

Unlike Fungi Frenzy, this is a luck-based minigame they got WRONG. At least Fungi Frenzy didn't have luck as the only element. - Gametoon

It has awesomne music, it's exciting and luck-based, I just love this one. - darthvadern

15 Growing Up

Very addicting - darthvadern

16 Smash Compactor

Not a fan of it - darthvadern

Very exciting and tense game

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