Top Ten Mario Party DS & Island Tour Boss Minigames

Ever since Mario Party DS (but excluding Super Mario Party), there have been boss battle minigames added to the Mario Party titles. There are two different types of boss minigames. 1. The ones where you and other players team up to defeat a boss and compete for most points. And 2. the ones were you're alone and must defeat the boss before he defeats you. The former exist in 9, 10 and Star Rush, whereas the single player boss minigames exist in DS and Island Tour. We're gonna rank the single player boss minigames on this list, so with that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten

1 Bowser's Sky Scuffle

Bowser in Island Tour s a winner in this list in my opinion. I mean I don't want to sound childish or something, but, this boss battle is honestly one of the best of all time. I don't get too much into my personal life but this boss battle has just left such a huge nostalgia mark on me. I'll just get this straight. I got Mario Party: Island Tour during summer 2014. During summer 2014 I went to Lithuania as well. During that trip I was super ill. However this game made me happy nevertheless and left a huge nostalgia mark on me. I don't have time to explain the entire trip on this list but get this: this game left a huge nostalgia mark on me thanks to that trip. And part of it, is due to this boss battle. That should tell you something about how much I adore this fight.

In the fight, you basically first start on a platform with a cannon, high up in the sky, surrounded by purple clouds and lightning bolts. You must shoot Bowser with the bullets you have (you can have a maximum of ...more

2 Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk

You know Hammer Bros. fight in Mario Party DS? Well this is that but much better. This is a close second for me. Ironically it's also the second-to last boss in Island Tour. Don't worry this won't be too predictable. It's kind of strange how you fight Dry Bowser before Bowser and how they are two seperate characters in this game but eh who cares really? Dry Bowser stil has a certainly awesome boss battle that I will discuss.

This is one of those types of minigames where you have to memorize a lot of things. I love these types of minigames because they offer a lot of skill and you really have to think and memorize in order to succed which is very good because it gives you a chance to improve your ability to memorize. In this boss battle you are standing inside a castle tower of some sort. On the opposing side Dry Bowser stands. Between you two a giant hole appears (this setting alone is awesome). Dry Bowser will throw bones at you and you must send them back by slamming them ...more

3 King Bob-Omb's Court of Chaos

This is a very fun one indeed. It probably has the most fun gameplay of the bosses in this game I must say. While it's not a top three contender in this game, it's the best of the three bosses that don't have a very special place in my heart. Much better than the battle in Mario Party 9. Actually very good this time around.

Basically there will be a bunch of conveyors, and you must make a path of conveyors to him, as the battle takes place in some sort of factory and you must send him bombs to damage him and in order to do it, you must build a conveyor that leads to him, and that way the bomb can be transported on the conveyor now this gameplay I love a lot. It's just so original and fun it honestly almost made me prefer this over Chain Chomp.

However the soundtrack isn't that good compared to a lot of themes in the game. Not the worst boss theme but not the greatest. I like though how it has a bit of a "Think hard" theme to the boss, it requires a lot of thinking in ...more

4 Feed and Seed

The Pirahna Plant is the only boss in Mario Party DS that felt like a legitimate boss battle, despite being the first one of them all. Pretty embarassing, but either way, I really like this battle! You're floating in the air above a Piranha Plant who will suck bomb seeds at times, and then spit them out and we must grab one. Then when it opens its mouth, we throw it into it. It's a lot harder than said, because you must also avoid the bomb seeds after grabbing one so they don't hit you and cause you to lose a life. For this reason, Piranha Plant is the best boss battle from Mario Party DS.

5 Bowser's Block Party

An undoubtly underwhelming final boss, but a somewhat fun one nevertheless. Although it's probably my least favourite Bowser boss in Mario Party altogether excluding those lame craps from Star Rush, I respect it for being incredibly skill-driven and difficult, even if most of the difficulty only stems from the incredibly awful camera. Oh yes, but speaking of which, camera. Because you see, this battle takes place on a platform you walk around on, simliar to 3D Mario games. This almost makes the battle feel like it belongs in a mainline game. Now although I talked a lot of positive about this fight, the reason this doesn't get any higher than this is as I said in the first sentence, it's not very climactic. Bowser turns into a pile of bricks and you punch in his weak spot, that's it. And the music..., it's pretty lame, to be honest. At least it's not the same theme as in the other bosses but it's still kinda lame. But all in all, it's a pretty great boss battle for what it is.

6 Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge

Now the concept of this boss battle I must say is pretty lame. You are standing on a platform with four smaller ones on each side of it. Chain Chomp will basically chase you around and you must stand on these smaller platforms because at times he will jump towards you and if he lands on these, he will be damaged because these platforms aren't that stable and they will break apart or something like that, and since this battle takes place above lava in a volcano of some sort. It's a lame battle overall, but what really boosts this battle high on the list (and the reason it makes it into the top five) is the stellar and AMAZING music! It's epic, but not too climactic to prepare you for the journey in Bowser's Yower of Island Tour.

7 Mr. Blizzard's Snow Slalom

Another pretty good boss battle if I do say so myself. I'll admit this one is sorta lackluster but I generally enjoyed this boss battle as well. Mr. Blizzard is a very obscure mario character and the fact that he'd appear as a boss in a mario party game is pretty neat.

Basically there will be a big slide and a bunch of obstacles and you must become a snowball and roll your way to the dash boost panel at the end of the slide, as Mr. Blizzard can be found. I mean yeah this is sorta boring but at the same time it's pretty fun.

This is probably the only boss in the game in which the normal phase soundtrack and rage phase soundtrack sound pretty different from each other. The normal phase is like a happy theme of some sort, and the second phase is a bit faster and uses completely different instruments. Both sound snowy though which is good. Overall I'm not too big of a fan of the soundtracks though but they're alright. Overall it's a good boss.

8 Book Bash

This is a fight I felt had a lot of potential, but during execution, it went kinda downhill. This is the second most difficult fight in Mario Party DS, but only because of the first half of it. You see, before you actually fight Kamek, you first go through this long corridor with flying books and moving shelves you need to avoid to not get damaged. After that you reach Kamek, and you shoot ink at his face (but it doesn't run out). The problem is, there's barely any difficulty after you get past the corridor, and you never go through it again. You just fly across it, and then you shoot Kamek until he's defeated. It'd been better if you went through a new corridor after each heart was destroyed, but I guess that wasn't the case. So yeah it's somewhat ruined potential.

9 Goomba Tower Takedown

This is the only boss from Island Tour that I to an extent don't really like that much, although I think it's decent too. I mean goomba towers is a pretty lame excuse of a boss honestly. The gameplay of this boss battle outshine Chain Chomp and Mr. Blizzard a bit though I must say.

It's a bit more original. Basically goombas will form towers and you must throw an apple at them to make them fall, and when they're on the ground, you can throw another apple at them to defeat them. Then new goombas come in until the health bar of them is at zero and yadda yadda yadda. However goombas are very unoriginal and lame excuses for a boss battle in a mario party game in my opinion.

This boss battle also has the worst music of all bosses in my opinion. While it's a nice remix on the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros., it doesn't sound that good honestly. I still like it a bit though. The normal phase is alright, the raging phase is the same but a bit faster and chaotic. It's ...more

10 Hammer Chime

This might be one of the lamest and shortest "boss battles" in any Mario Party game. It's over in 22 seconds if you play without any mistakes, and it's essentially Simon Says. But unlike Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk, this one lacks both atmosphere and good music. I don't hate it but it's pretty underwhelming at best.

The Contenders

11 Hexoskeleton

Now we get to the absolute trainwrecks and embarassments of boss battle minigames, Dry Bones and Hammer Bros. from Mario Party DS. In this one, you hit the switches on a platform to damage Dry Bones..., that's pretty much it for this battle. I personally really like the setting though and I like hitting my switches which are the points added to this boss. And it's of alright length which is another plus.

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