Top Ten Mario Party Games of the 2010s

With Mario Party: The Top 100 now being released worldwide, we can count down the best modern Mario Party games of the 2010s, which includes only those developed by Nd Cube and NOT Hudson Soft. Let's start.
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1 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 9 Product Image

Not the best Mario Party of all time in my opinion but I at least respect it for being different. It changed up the formula from the original 8 games. I still prefer the older games but I still gave this game a chance and it wasn’t bad. Not good but not bad. I have to applaud Nintendo for stepping out on a limb and going with and cube instead of Hudson soft. - Randomator

At least it’s half decent - Randomator

My favourite mario game of all time too! Actually my favourite mario game is a tie between this and Super Mario Odyssey. But this was my first mario game I ever got as well as my first video game I got. It was the one that made me interested in the series. Ok, it was laso the first one I heard of. It was my brother who always wathdces youtube and he found this and I fell in love with this game. I begged my mom to buy this and a Wii, and I got it in summer 2012. I remember looking at the character roster and though Birdo looked so much cooler in comparision to Yoshi and the other characters. I choosed her and started playing Free Play Mode. I loved it! And I was extremly lucky that my T.V. worked beacuser it was a really old Sony T.V. that I've had for years and we gave the T.V. to my grama, when I then got this and a Wii we brought the T.V. back. Also, may I mention that I got Mario Kart Wii along with the Wii. I loved it! - darthvadern

2 Mario Party: Star Rush Mario Party: Star Rush Product Image

I love all top 4. This game is simply amazing. It's perhaps the most unique game in the series too! Either this or Island Tour, they scrapped Party Mode in favour of a new main mode; Toad Scramble, while I hoped they was going to have normal party mode too. Toad Scramble is just as good, if not even better than normal Party mode. You take control of a colored Toad, P1 is Red Toad, P2 is Blue Toad, P3 is Green Toad and P4 is Yellow Toad. It also has a new playable character, Diddy Kong. The bosses though are pretty much awful. They're joke. They don't even feel like bosses. I mean what kind of boss battle is Mega Goomba and Blooper, Blooper isn't even a boss! You just bounce a ball to create music, he doesn't get mad or anything, and whne that battle is over, Blooper just decides to go back to the ocean, like what the heck!?!? And Mega Goomba is also a joke! You just steal apples from him and when the battle is over, Mega Goomba decides to hunt a butterfly. And Bowser isn't any better. ...more - darthvadern

3 Super Mario Party Super Mario Party Product Image

Looks like Star Rush, which is a masterpiece (unlike those old mario parties) - darthvadern

4 Mario Party: Island Tour Mario Party: Island Tour Product Image

The first Mario Party game on the Nintendo 3DS. I got it in summer 2014 but it was released in November 2013. This video game is so memorable. Somehow it's the second most hated one as well. Why! Mario Party 1 was the worst! Not this! This game has some amazing bosses and it also has my favourite final Bowser battle of all time, Bowser's Ballistic Blowout (Or Bowser's Sky Scuffle for you american readers). The osundtrack, atmosphere and drama is amazing in that battle and I truly love the boss battle. Chain Chomp and Dry Bowser also had some amazing boss battles! he soundtrack in those bosses were so memorable too and yeah. The boards in this game are so unique! Each board has a unique aspect. The first grassy board is amix between classic and modern mario party, Bowser's Bizzare Volcano is a reversed party and Banzai's Mad Mountain is a luck based board. I love this game and it's a masterpiece! - darthvadern

5 Mario Party 10 Mario Party 10 Product Image

Bowser Party and Amiibo Party, enough said! Plus amazing boards and bosses. - darthvadern

To me this feels like a Mario Party 9 sequel which isn’t a good thing. At least Mario Party 9 was it’s own game but this game just copied instead of trying to be unique.There’s only 5 boards in Mario Party! Are you serious? The bosses aren’t as good as Mario Party 9 they are all mediocre. Amiibo party was absolutely terrible. It’s a bare bones version of what the older games were. Plus you have to have an amiibo or else you can’t play 1/3 of this game. Bowser party was interesting but it only has 3 boards and it’s rarely close. If bowser rolls well enough and knocks someone out good luck winning. If you roll well bowser might not catch up. - Randomator

6 Mario Party: The Top 100 Mario Party: The Top 100 Product Image

This is by far my least favourite modern Mario Party game simply because IT IS THE WORST MARIO GAME OF THE 2010S AS WHOLE! This game is simply so unnecessary! When will you stop making games for the Nintendo 3DS? I thought Mario Sports Superestar was going to be the last game on the 3DS. We want a Mario Party game on the Nintendo Switch too, well, let's hope Mario Party 11 comes on the Nintendo Switch. But let's look at this game shall we. It's just minigames from the ten console Mairo Party games. And you know what, it doesn't even have consistency. I thought it would have ten minigames from each game, but no! There's only 3 minigames from MP8 and like twelve from MP7. Why!? The worst thing is that MP8 had the best minigames in the franchise so why did Nintendo do this, well, and there's only eight playable characters! And Birdo or Toad is not one of them! Why! And only one palyable board, Why? I hate this game! - darthvadern

This game is really just a bunch of minigames and that’s it. Mario Party the top 100 doesn’t feel like a Mario Party. The minigames aren’t even as fun anymore because there’s no competition it’s just playing the minigames - Randomator

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