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In my opinion, mario party is one of the best mario game series' in my opinion. Specifically the newer installments, the modern mario party games. The modern mario party series are the Mario Party games developed by Nd Cube. They are some of the best mario games ever made in my opinion. I know legit everyone in this world despises it aside from me and a minority of maybe just a few thousand people but eh. Time to rank the six modern mario party games as this list still hasn't been made as of the time I'm making this list. I've brought up this topic, modern mario party quite a lot and I often sound like a little #### everytime I bring this up due to how many times I've talked about it but eh I try to do it as little as possible. With that being said here is the list.

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1 Mario Party 9

Personally in my opinion one of the greatest video games I've ever played and I'm saying this both subjectively and objectively. This wasn't the first or one of the first video games I played, however, it was the first Nintendo video game I ever played back in 2012 when I got this, a Wii and Mario Kart Wii. Even before I got it I seriously fell in love with this. It might actually be my favourite mario game of all time, although some of the RPG's are really good too. In general though, the gameplay is excellent.
The whole concept of a team of players taking turns driving a car is something I'm a fan of because you never know what's going to happen next. It's generally luck-based and it makes the whole proccess generally exciting, but at the same time, there's a handful of skill needed in terms of minigames and boss battles.
Speaking of minigames, instead of them happening after every turn, they only happen when a player lands on a minigame space (there's lots of them) or there's ...more - darthvadern

2 Mario Party: Island Tour

Mario Party: Island Tour, like with Mario Party 9, is also a nostalgia-bringer for me. Despite the fact I got this two years later, this might actually bring more nostalgia than the previous game. Crazy, right? Well Mario Party 9, is STILL better objectively because of more content and technically more charming, but Island Tour holds an even deeper place in my heart.

I know exactly why though because I accosiate it more than the previous game with hard times. Back in 2014 when I got this video game, I was in Lithuania on vacation, however it certainly wasn't a very lucky one as I had fevers and diarheas, plus nauseas. I certainly would've hated the vacation if it weren't for a number of things that made it more nostalgic than other trips, such as this game. (Also the trip wasn't that bad, only one or two days of the trip. The rest was amazing for a number of things) The music in this game..., I'm having nostalgiattacks. There's no video game with more nostalgic soundtrack, not ...more - darthvadern

3 Mario Party: Star Rush

Without a doubt the most original Mario Party game. Some people would probably even rank this as the best modern mario party game because it stays the closest to the classic series (exception being Mario Party 11/Super). Despite this, it really, really got original. There's ' 7 different game modes (although only two of them are party based) and all of them are pretty fun (except for Balloon Bash. That crap sums up my feelings about classic mario party nowadays).
The main mode is called Toad Scramble, a completely new type of gameplay in which four players control a toad and they must get as many stars as possible. Not by coins though. By beating boss battles. However coins serve much purpose nevertheless because at the end of the game, every ten coin is converted into a star. You also recruit different mario characters on the go and each have their own dice blocks so you can roll really high numbers. Speaking of which, everyone moves at once. This is such a relief from the ...more - darthvadern

4 Mario Party 10

MP9 was a masterpiece, MPIT was awesome, MPSR was great. What about Mario Party 10? From what I've seen, this seems to be everyone's favourite punching bag in the series. A lot of people might not like MP9 but they respect it as opposed to this because really it's a lackluster version of it. I haven't met a single person who likes it except my friends who enjoy modern mario party.
I though, I actually still really likes this game despite all of the hate. Well first off I liked the car gimmick to begin with, which everyone else hates (Like seriously, MP2 changed almost nothing from its original yet it's loved all for being the original formula). I will admit though that this game certainly is weak in terms of being a sequel to Mario Party 9. While I like the return fo the car, they removed the story mode and instead of seven boards, there's now only five.
There is also two other modes known as amiibo party and Bowser party, but one of them is just bare bones of classic mario ...more - darthvadern

5 Super Mario Party

When I speak about how original and innovative modern mario party is..., keep in mind I really only mean the first four, AKA top four of this list. Fifth entry is maybe somewhat innovative as well but this one, the sixth entry, Mario Party 11, or Super Mario Party honestly just takes everything away from what made modern mario party so innovative just to please some hypersensitive fans who are blinded by nostalgia and ultimately became a piece of crap.
I'm over-exaggerating. I like this game more than what classic fans think of modern games (I don't hate all classic fans, just the hardcore who give everything after DS a 0 and praise 2 like it's the next coming of jesus). This is the first Mario Party on the switch and as you might have guessed, this game switched back to the old formula, in which everyone moves around freely on strict paths. Personally I don't really like this change because Hudson Soft had really run out of ideas and after DS there was nothing more that could be ...more - darthvadern

6 Mario Party: The Top 100

This is the only modern entry I haven't bothered getting and for good reason because it's really about as lackluster as it can get. All it is, is 100 minigames all from Mario Party games before that. That sounds cool but it's so unbalanced. Some games like 7 get 12 minigames while some others like 8 and 10 only have like three minigames included. Just what? The best mario parties have the least minigames included. Just pure crap.
As for game modes there's barely any. There's Minigame Match which is like Balloon Bash from Star Rush but just an 8 you race on. There's also some other minigame mode which are just minigame compilations. There's no reason to get this video game at all. - darthvadern

7 Mario Party 4
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