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1 Grab Bag - Mario Party 1 & 2

A very, very good mini-game. This is my favorite mini-game of all time.

Definitely my favorite! - PianoQueen

2 Dunk Bros. - Mario Party 6

This is good, but what I hate about it is the very horrible AI.
every time I play this the CPU team of Toad and Toadette just literally make shots all the time and it makes it every time. While the CPU on my team is just a IDIOT. I don't really take 3 pointers or 2 point shots, I just dunk. Its much easier.

3 Dungeon Duos - Mario Party 4

Yes. Best by a landslide. - MrSnuffleupagus

This minigame was the best idea ever. I love every obstacle, and it's just awesome. It's always been my favorite by a landslide - MrSnuffleupagus

4 Grin and Bar It - Mario Party 7
5 Chump Rope - Mario Party 8

Generic but I liked it - darthvadern

Hard. - Extractinator04

If you are the 1 in 1 v 3 in this game you will win. If you are one of the 3 in 1 v 3 you will probably lose.

6 Real Smoothie - Mario Party 7
7 Pushy Penguins - Mario Party 5

Nah, not really - darthvadern

This should be higher. This game is a great mix of thinking and reflex skills. No other game in Mario Party is as addicting as this one in my opinion except for maybe Booksquirm from Mario Party 4. - chopsie01

The player with the most agility wins! the others are frozen solid.

8 Bumper to Bumper - Mario Party 7
9 Mushroom Mix-up - Mario Party


Always a classic and a joy to play!

How dare you say that the N64 Mario games don't have the best minigames!

Hands down the best mini game in the series

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10 Shell Shocked - Mario Party 2


The Newcomers

? Reel Cheap - Mario Party Advance

The Only Minigame I Don't Like. - Rainbowkid38

? Hide and Go Boom! - Mario Party 4

I just love the concept of this one - MrSnuffleupagus

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11 Meanie Match - Mario Party 10

I love this game because it gives me a chance to show off my memory. - Synchronocity

Yes this one's one of the best - darthvadern

You win by remembering which enemies go where, and you lose by not having a memory and picking the wrong color (or enemy, because not all the enemies are used).

This minigame is a great test for my memory.

12 Shy Guy Says - Mario Party 2

Dude, this mini game was awesome.

13 You're the Bomb-Omb - Mario Party 8

Luck based but done good - darthvadern

Whoever loses dies in a mushroom cloud and their remains get dug up by a crane. enough said.

14 Bumper Balls - Mario Party 1 and 2

Sorta generic - darthvadern

This was the first mini game I ever did in my life and it was the most bloody best mini game of them all, I loved smashing everybody

This entry is already on here!

Yeah! I love this!

15 Hexagon Heat - Mario Party 2

I love this minigame in the game mario party the top 100 minigames this is my favorite but pushy penguins is good too

I love this one.

16 Tackle Takedown - Mario Party 9

Fun it is - darthvadern

17 Shorty Scorers - Mario Party DS
18 Bubble Brawl - Mario Party 7
19 Bumper Ball Maze - Mario Party 1
20 Breakneck Building - Mario Party 8

Super original - darthvadern

Oh yeahh the only minigame that didn't have broken motion controls in MP8

This is super fun with multiple mini games in 1 - YOSHIA2121

It's the only worthwhile minigame from this crappy game, and even at that it sucks. But still ok.

21 Camp Ukiki - Mario Party 7
22 Peak Precision - Mario Party 9

I'm good at this and won every time except once but that was with master. In fact I'm so good at it that I can control 3 players at different times before my brother can do 1.

Love it - darthvadern

I love it I always win to. You can take advantage of the buttons.

Way to easy if you’re smart

23 Bombsketball - Mario Party
24 Platform Peril - Mario Party 1 & 2
25 Move to the Music - Mario Party 2
26 Mecha Choice - Mario Party 9

Not a big fan - darthvadern

The best it’s so fun and before I heard of it I would always play it with my friends (besides the mechakoopas)

27 Snowball Summit - Mario Party 3
28 Jumpman - Mario Party 7
29 Slot Car Derby - Mario Party 2

This in my opinion is the worst! - PianoQueen

30 Granite Getaway - Mario Party 6
31 Globe Gunners - Mario Party DS

Lol so much fun!

32 King of the Thrill - Mario Party 8

Love it!

Super fun - darthvadern

33 Cardiators - Mario Party 8

Luck based minigame done right - darthvadern

This game is funny and awesome!

34 Booksquirm - Mario Party 4

I haven't played it but I've seen it and it's original - darthvadern

35 Fast Food Frenzy - Mario Party DS
36 Slaparazzi - Super Mario Party

Best minigame from Super Mario Party - darthvadern

37 The Final Countdown - Mario Party 7
38 Daft Rafts - Mario Party 6
39 Camera Shy - Mario Party DS
40 Light Speed - Mario Party 7
41 Funstacle Course - Mario Party 7
42 Pizza Me Mario - Mario Party 9

Hungry I am... - darthvadern


43 Bowsers Block Party - Mario Party DS
44 Toad In the Box - Mario Party 2
45 Panels of Doom - Mario Party 4

What is this one 'cause I've never heard of it - MrSnuffleupagus

46 Whomp Stomp - Mario Party 9

Addictive boss minigame - darthvadern

I constantly get crushed

47 Toad and Go Seek - Mario Party 9

Once again, a surefire test of my memory. I'm able to pinpoint where Toad is with little margin for error! - Synchronocity

I loved it - darthvadern

48 Shock Drop or Roll - Mario Party 2
49 Aces High - Mario Party 3
50 Hot Rope Jump - Mario Party 1 and 2

All you have to do in this minigame is jump. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! The battle will get fierce with you and your friends as the rope gets faster and faster. But 90% of the time I would win because it's hard to beat me at this minigame

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3. Mushroom Mix-up - Mario Party
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