Top Ten Mario Party: Star Rush Minigames

The Top Ten
1 Pinball Brawl

While most of the standard minigames in Mario Party: Star Rush were pretty bad, it did on the other hand have a side-mode titled Coinathlon which had its own bunch of minigames, where you had to get as many coins as possible in a certain amount of time, and these minigames were some of the absolute best I've played, because of how satisfying they are! And Pinball Brawl is my favourite of these minigames, because you know..., it's a pinball machine where you aim to get as much coins as possible. What more could you ask for?

2 Conkdor de Force

Luck-based minigames are a hit or miss, but Conkdor de Force is without a doubt one of the good ones, seeing as it's based on Whomp's Stomp, a boss minigame in Mario Party 9, which was already a fun and exhilerating ride. This minigame is essentially the same thing but the last player standing is winning, and not ot mention how there's even more tension. I love this minigame!

3 Jump to Conclusion

A simple yet addictive minigame, similar to Peak Precision of Mario Party 9. You need to jump up to the top of a staircase, where A jumps you 1 step, and B lets you jump 2 steps. Why? Because there are Piranha Creepers lurking on some steps, and thus you need to skillfully use the correct buttons. It's always fun trying to beat this level as quickly as possible.

4 One-Stop Toad Shop

Another Coinathlon minigame, and this one is basically Overcooked. You deliver items to customers, but you need to do it as quickly as possible as the amount of money the customers are willing to pay decrease for each second. It's definitely one of the most hectic Coin Chaos minigames, and thus it's number #4 on my list.

5 Piece of Cake

Hands down the most unique minigame of the standard ones, this one has you remembering the placement of fruits inside of a cake, and then cutting it at a specific spot the Shy Guy wants you too. Not a good explanation, but it really requires your thinking.

6 Leftboard Hoard

This is another one of those slider minigames where you go down a slide and collect a bunch of coins, similarly to Deck Hunt in Mario Party: Island Tour. The difference is, the coins ACTUALLY MATTER this time, as it's another minigame from the Coinathlon mode! Another super satisfying minigame.

7 Roller Revenge

A last one standing-type of minigame where you stand on a platform and must avoid Spike's rollers. It's kinda unique and interesting which makes it a favourite of mine on the list.

8 House of Boos

This is basically Pacman but in Coinathlon, and it can get pretty satisfying. My main gripe is that the ghosts (boos) go through the walls and block your way on getting coins, and if you do get hit you have to start over. It's satisfying but a little irritating.

9 Conveyor Meltdown

You need to get mushrooms and golden mushrooms into their respective containers using conveyors which all go in a certain direction depending on if you go right or left with the D-Pad. Not the best Coinathlon minigame, but it's pretty great!

10 Cheep Cheep Reach

Well it's similar to Blazing Lassos from Mario Party 8 except you use a giant hand to collect cheep cheeps in a river. Again, not the best Coinathlon minigae, but it's still pretty great!

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