Best Mario Plush Youtube Channels


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1 StachBros

Wow, he is amazing - harryholman

2 MarioMario8989

MM8989 is in my opinion the best because he was the originator of plush tubers and has a lot of comedy and adventure in his videos and a lot of funny jokes. He deserves to be the most subscribed push channel there is.

Just because SML has more videos doesn't instantly make him better. MM8989 puts lots of effort into his videos even though they upload once a month. Quality over quantity. - ThePurpleBandit

I love Summer Fun 3 - Jake09

He is the best plush channel on this planet he was never bad is new videos are just as good as his old ones he is way better than sml, sml is just junior and jeffy - BLEACH

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3 Super James Bros

I liked them the last time I watched them, you know, the last video they made, but they're gone now... - noo7na7

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4 SuperMarioLogan

I like the old ones but I like the new to but old was better

Logan is the best

Needs more Mario in the videos.

He should be #1!

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5 Goomzilla

Goomzilla sould be 1

I lovvveee GoomZilla and SML I like CMB also but GOOMIE tops it

6 AwesomeMarioGangScotti

Tackles lots of real life situations, has very funny jokes.

7 LuigiFan00001
8 BigYoshiFan
9 Jake Occhipinti
10 BowserPower

BowserPower should deserve to be higher up on here, not at number 15. Every video of his is a joy to watch, and really gets you hooked. I don't know how he does it, but he does it well. - ThePurpleBandit

Love koopalings picnic

The Newcomers

? Elmo Bird Grover Bert

Not a Mario PlushTuber he is an Elmo PlushTuber but still funny

? Elmo Bird Grover Bert

He's not a Mario PlushTuber he is a Elmo PlushTuber. He's like SuperMarioLogan and Cute Mario Bros but with Elmo. Not the best but still funny

The Contenders

11 Nickolas 48 V 1 Comment
12 TheSuperPlushyBros

These guys are great. "Wow, Felix the cat! " lol - Arthur827

13 PalutenasGuardian V 1 Comment
14 TheLuigi1021

They have the best character voices and ideas!

15 MarioLuigiPlushBros V 1 Comment
16 EvanTubeHD

EvanTubeHD is not a plushtuber, he is some 7 year old kid who reviews toys with his 5 year old sister. - ThePurpleBandit

17 LuigiPeeps17
18 AHH Productions
19 EpicMarioBros
20 Kyahn Mario Plush Studios SMK TM
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