Top Ten Mario ROM Hacks

want something more then the Mario game made by Nintendo. here is a top ten list of rom hacks that are worth checking out

The Top Ten

1 Newer Super Mario Bros Wii

Just well known

2 Super Mario World 2+2
3 Super Smash Clash
4 A Goombas Walk
5 Super Pika Land Ultra: Chocolate Edition
6 Super Mario RPG 2 Legend of the 5 Pendants
7 New Super Mario Bros 2 Wii
8 Super Mario World Omega
9 Super Mario 63

Not a hack - computerfan0

Well designed - Jordan-Kenneth-Barteaux

10 Super Mario 64: Star Road

The Contenders

11 The Call of Cthulhu
12 Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition
13 New Super Mario World 1: The 12 Magic Orbs
14 The 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest
15 New Super Spike Wii
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