Top 10 Best Mario/Sonic Duos for the Amazing Race Canada

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1 Princess Daisy & Miles "Tails" Prower (Team Orange/Yellow)

Agreed! It matches their cuteness, alignments & colors, too.

Princess Daisy's gender: Female.
Princess Daisy's height: 13'5" (409.6 millimeters).
Princess Daisy's weight: 572 pounds (260 pounds).
Princess Daisy's body width: 4'2" (128 centimeters).
Princess Daisy's racing gear: Topless, red-orange ponytail an orange thong.
Princess Daisy's body shape: Pear figure with slim stomach & big thighs.
Princess Daisy's bust size: Slightly large.
Her song: Waving flag (she'll sound like K'nann in this song. )
Her voice actress: Leona Lewis.
Her age: 43 (born on April 21, 1972).
Her skin color: Caucasion.
Her team chant: "Orange Outhouses! "

Also, I'm kinda nervous because Nintendo might be starting to make Princess Daisy from the Mari franchise a sligthly more minor video game character. Why does Princess Peach have the majority compared to Princess Daisy, Pauline & Rosalina? Why? In the Japanese version of SSB4 for the Nintendo 3DS, there are 686 ...more

Yes I love this one.

Best Mario & Sonic at the Amazing Race pairing ever! Also, Princess Daisy & Miles "Tails" Prower could be BFF, especially in British Columbia.

They did cut out Princess Daisy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, I'm afraid. For a long time, Nintendo & all other companies never used to cut off Princess Daisy until Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. I'm surprised all 7 companies did this in vain. What if they liked Princess Daisy?! ! ):( Miles "Tails" Prower & Princess Daisy of Sarasaland (Team Orange/Yellow) would make a great team for anything w/ Pac-Man joining in at The Amazing Race: Canada!

Also, Princess Daisy should interact with Miles "Tails" Prower & Pac-Man very often which hasn't happened yet! *facepalm*

2 Rosalina & Sonic the Hedgehog (Team Cerulean)

Cool! Also, I'd like Inky (in his Pac-Man World design yet stretched out into a lanky beanstalk like in Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures) to be their main rival at every real-time grand sporting event.

Rosalina & Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Inky the blue ghost & DeeJay.

A battle between 2 blue teammates.

3 Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong & Silver the Hedgehog (Team Brown)
4 King Bowser & Amy Rose (Team Furious Red)

That makes sense since both are short-tempered.

Bowser's height: 8'8" (263 centimeters).
Bowser's weight: 968 pounds (440 kilograms).
Bowser's width: 5'0".
Bowser's gender: Male.
Bowser's width: 5'0".
Bowser's age: 66 proving that his lifespan is going to be long.
Bowser's voice actor: David Holt.
Bowser's Amazing race gear: Nothing but large-sized & bright red Daisy Dukes.

Amy Rose's voice actress: Miley Cyrus.
Amy Rose's new height: 5'10" (178 centimeters).
Amy Rose's new weight: 345 pounds.
Amy Rose's new width: 5'2" & a half.
Amy Rose's age: 28.
Amy Rose's racing gear: Nothing but running shoes & a red thong.

Also, both will be seen growling & fighting a lot.

ScrewAttack could do Death Battle: Bowser vs. Amy Rose.

5 Mario & Knuckles the Echidna (Team Scarlet)

That would be a great pair, no matter which season. Also, Bowser & Knuckles would be awesome.

6 Luigi & Vector the Crocodile (Team Green)
7 Wario & Blaze the Cat (Team Purple)
8 Yoshi & Shadow the Hedgehog (Team Black)
9 Waluigi & Metal Sonic (Team Dark Blue)
10 Bowser Jr. & Dr. Eggman (Team Red)

Boring! I prefer "Bowser & Knuckles" & "Bowser Jr. & Pinky".

I prefer Bowser Jr. vs. Tails, but okay. I'll go with that team for one of the eventual seasons for "Mario & Sonic at the Amazing Race".

The Contenders

11 Axel Chains & Shadow the Hedgehog (Team Black)
12 Roy and Shulk (Team BloodRed)
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