Best Mario Tennis Aces Boss Battles

Mario Tennis Aces is an excellent game! I recommend it so much! It's the only Mario Tennis game I have so far but it's excellent! One of the reasons it's so excellent is because it has an actual story mode! With boss battles as well! Here's my favourite boss battles from the game!

The Top Ten Best Mario Tennis Aces Boss Battles

1 Bowcien

The final boss of Mario Tennis Aces is my favourite boss from the game! This boss battle takes everything you've learned from the game and makes it a real challenge! It's super fun as well! The music is a remix of Koopa's Theme from Super Mario 64 and it's awesomne! definitely my favourite! - darthvadern

2 Gooper Blooper

This boss battle is excellent! I love how you have to make trick shots or else you can't win the game! This boss truly makes good se of the trick shots! This boss battle also isn't as brutal or disturbing as the one is Super Mario Sunshine were you had to rip out his tentacles! - darthvadern

3 Snow Ogre

Hey look! It's Eyerock! Good to see you agian! Except now he's more icy and snowey than "desserty". This is the first true challenging boss in the game and that's a good thing because Petey Piranha and Madame Mirage were a bit too easy to be honest. - darthvadern

4 Petey Piranha

Easiest in the game

Good ol' Bianco Hills fan favourite: Petey Piranha! I must say that he has the best boss battle "court" in the game! I love the details on the ancient altar! While this boss is extremly easy, it's a fun one! - darthvadern

5 Madame Mirage

Probably the most creative design! Madame Mirage is a brand new mario character who is a mirror who lives frmo the power of the power stone! I will admit the boss battle is a bit bland and those "rouge" sounds can get annoying. But overall I really liked this boss as well! - darthvadern

6 Bowser Statue

Not bad, but lackluster. I don't know why the last two bosses are Bowser but I thought Bowcien was WAY better! This one's just boring and not that fun. I still like it - darthvadern

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