Best Mario Tennis Aces Courts

Mario Tennis Aces is an excellent game! I recommend it so much! It's the only Mario Tennis game I have so far but it's excellent! Here's the best courts in the game!

The Top Ten

1 Piranha Plant Forest Piranha Plant Forest

Definitely my fave! It's probably the most gorgeous court in the game, and has some great music! The hazards are spitting piranha plants which are pretty good obstacles as well! Excellent court! Truly the best! - darthvadern

2 Snowfall Mountain Snowfall Mountain

Another gorgeous court! Snowfall Mountain is set in a villag at sunset up in the mountains which much snow and it's truly beautiful! It also has a cool soundtrack (no pun intended). - darthvadern

3 Bask Ruins Bask Ruins

I love how this court referances Super Mario 3D World with the ant troopres and conkdors in the background! The soundtrack isn't that fitting but I like it - darthvadern

4 Marina Stadium Marina Stadium

Your basic begginer court. No hazards to worry about. I love how there's different versions of it too! There's hard, clay, grass and night. My favourite is the night one simply because it looks the most stunning. Soundtrack is nothing special but it fits the court very well, however I think the night version should always use the boss music because it fits so well! - darthvadern

5 Mirage Mansion Mirage Mansion

Hands down the best soundtrack in the game! It's excellent! As for the court itself. It's pretty good, however you probably know how much I usually dislike ghost levels in mario games so yeah, but at least this one's quite good. - darthvadern

6 Savage Sea Savage Sea

This track really is quite a savage! Despite looking excellent! It has that stupid pole in the middle making it super hard to predict ehere the ball is going to land, super annoying! The music is also my least favourite court music in the game! So yeah, but at least it looks excellent so that's why it isn't last - darthvadern

7 Inferno Island Inferno Island

This is the only bad court in the game! It looks super generic and is just your typical Bowser Castle stage. The music is alright but nothing special. And the mechakoopas are so annoying because they will ruin everything for you! Truly bad court! - darthvadern

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