Top Ten Mario Underwater Enemies


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1 Torpedo Ted Torpedo Ted

Underwater bullet bills, they are really underrated, it's sad they only appeared in five games (NSLU dosen't count). He is the prefect mix of scary and awesomne! There's no way to defeat them either, shows how cool he is! Not to mention in Super Mario Galaxy when they are silver-colored and make these scary noises, awesomne! - darthvadern

2 Targeting Ted Targeting Ted

Targeting Ted is a mix of Torpedo Ted and Bulls-Eye Bill, it's a dark red torpedo ted that follows the player (Mario) and explodes. It's even scarier to that, the only reason I like Torpedo Ted more is because that one is more classic! - darthvadern

3 Porcupuffer Porcupuffer

A giant pufferfish, who is has a purple back, giant lips and jumps out of the water! Enough said! - darthvadern

4 Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheep is a classic! He is one of the first enemies you will meet in an underwater stage of a super mario game! - darthvadern

5 Blooper Blooper Bloopers (Often Referred To Bloobers Until Paper Mario, Though Blooper was in use beforehand) are Squid-Like creatures that are found in the ocean. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros., and various kinds of them have appeared in the Mario games since, normally as enemies. Mario Party more.

Blooper is annoying! Whenever I try to swim anywhere, he will always folow me, but he is a classic! - darthvadern

6 Urchin Urchin

They are purple urchins with orange-yellow spikes. - darthvadern

7 Spiny Cheep Cheep Spiny Cheep Cheep

A variant on the Cheep Cheep, he will follow you as soon as it finds you. - darthvadern

8 Deep Cheep Deep Cheep

It's similar to Spiny Cheep Cheep, except that this one dosen't have spikes and is green. - darthvadern

9 Eep Cheep Eep Cheep

This Cheep Cheep is god and does the exact opposite of what Deep Cheep does, they swim away from you if you get to close to them. - darthvadern

10 Rip Van Fish Rip Van Fish

This one is super scary, it sleeps, but when you get close to it, it will start chasing you with that scary face! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Blurp
12 Cheep Chomp

These freak me out so much in New Super Mario Bros. even to this day. - Entranced98

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