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Goodness, where to begin? This guy is not only a awesome villain but one of (in my opinion) the darkest mario villains to date! I'm not going to get to in-depth about the story but whenever he appeared you knew you were either in for a good show or soon to be a corpse. He has a great goal of dimensional obliteration and to put his own world in its place but when that fails he just says "Forget it! I'm taking you with me! " His boss fight is equal parts fun and infuriating, his design is very misleading (in a good way) and it brings the good ole cliche "Beware the Silly Ones" into full effect! Honestly there isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already, but with a cool, all around sociopathic kids game character with such an ambiguous backstory it makes me happy that Nintendo let this one slip by! Definitely the number one paper mario, if not mario villain of all time!

When I first saw this guy back when I was 9, I knew he was going to be something special. Whats not to like about this guy? He got what he needed to be done done, and he played everybody. His magic capabilities are just plain awesome and not to mention his unique design and personality. He's very cocky and slick but not too conceited to become annoying. I also like that even as he supposedly dies he decides to take everything down with him. He was a real threat and such a sweet turn instead of the usual "kidnapping the princess or gaining ultimate power" cliche, no, he wants to destroy everything to rebuild it in what he deems perfect. He had gotten so close to reaching said goals too and he didn't even need to do anything to get that far. Truly a magical villain.

Dimentio is awesome. The only thing I might not like about him is how his final form might be a little too easy to beat. Spoiler: I liked the guy so much that when he proposed his offer "let's take over the worlds together! " I just said yes. I didn't care to see logic and I wasn't fooling around I just thought "hey, he's cool so let's agree" so I ignored tippi and the outcome made me like the guy even more. ALSO; when you think about it dimentio DID take over and win for those guys who accepted his offer it officially creates a super paper mario timeline where he takes over and gets a nice little happy ending for himself. Other bosses are cool sure but... I'm going with dimentio. Unpredictability is a strength. Hehe. AND NO, HE IS NOT A CLOWN. HE IS A ROYAL JESTER (less formally known as fool).

Dimentio, Master of Dimensions, Pleaser of Crowds. This clown was one of my favorite villains of all time, so much, I even made my own book with the main antagonist based off him. For one thing, his purposes are, as he believes, right, like Magneto. He wants to bring peace to the universe, and to me, that doesn't sound very bad. So what if it's worth a couple billion lives? In my opinion, as long as the deaths are not painful, it truly is right and just to bring balance and peace to the universe. Though who knows what this guy will do!

Dimentio is the master manipulator, and by far the best villain in ALL the mario games. Do not be fooled by his light-hearted smile; Dimentio is a ruthless chessmaster who will stop at nothing and do anything to achieve his goals. Unlike Bowser, who solely relies on his physique, Dimentio is all brain. In Super Paper Mario, Dimentio manipulates the four heroes, the pure hearts, and his own boss (Count Bleck) to achieve his master plan: destroy the universe, and rebuild the universe in his own image. Although he came close, his plan ultimately failed when he was defeated by the heroes, but even at his weakest point, he went out with a bang.

Dimentio might be one of the most, if not the most, dangerous villain in the Mario universe. While his plan wasn't nearly as complicated or crazy as some other villains, you can't argue that it has some serious style. That plus his ridiculous powers, which would make Pennywise the Dancing Clown jealous, such as ONE_SHOTTING MARIO himself, which for me is still rather ridiculous, makes him extremely dangerous. Powerful, Cunning, Smart, and Persistent. Definitely the most dangerous.

Dimentio manipulates Count Bleck, trains the heroes to become stronger, and kills the three present heroes and Mr. L/Luigi so he can meet up with his brother in hell and become the fourth hero of legend. Oh, that's just the beginning.

COME ON! Dimentio played both Mario AND Count Bleck for fools! He manipulated both sides to further his own plans, and he almost succeeded to boot! And while I love Fawful as a character due to him thinking everything through, Dimentio is far more cunning and ambitious than Fawful was. And the only thing Bowser is good at is brute force. Overall, Dimentio is the best Mario villain with a completely unsuspecting personality.

Dimentio had got to be the dangerous villain in the Mario series. He know exactly how to take advantage on others to reach his goal. See how he used Count Bleck and his crew? And yes Luigi. Who knows if he survived the big explosion at the end? Not forget he can go into different dimension...

Also. His and that final boss's theme

Dimentio has to be the greatest villain ever, he's really calm for a villain but alongside mephiles in sonic 06, mephiles and Dimentio were the only villains in video game history to kill the main villain

Whether you despised this game or thought this game was the best Mario game (like me) we all know how great of a villain he is. He doesn't kidnap princesses, he destroys worlds and dimensions. This guy is a literal jerk and psycho.

Just look at that cute little smile, I mean, how adorable is that? Yet under that that happy face is a maniacal and cunning creature bent on... evil I guess... world domination? Hmm... who cares? Look at this cute little guy!

He has a ton of personality without being cheesy. Count Bleck would be first but eh, he is not really a villain, he is a mix of a protagonist and an antihero, more towards the protagonist side.

I absolutely love this boss. He brings back memories of me playing Super Paper Mario when I was younger. This dude was also VERY hard to fight.

Oh my god I beat the game and loved the music dimentio is best I honestly think bowser has tried too many times and dimentio got first try it is an awesome villain

He's the only one who actually killed Mario successfully. At least for a time. Any other death in Mario is either a fake-out or caused by the player.

He is A creepy stalker evil demon cheater double agent magical jester. How can't you love him.

Clever, funny, but also a very dark and manipulative character. This little psychopath comes with an awesome battle theme and similes.

Obviously Dimentio is my favorite he came up with ingenious plans and was incredibly powerful. I mean he made a dimension.

Love this guy he is super smart with his whole scheme of fake teaming up with count black just to turn against him at the end - YOSHIA2121

Best villain of any Mario game, in my opinion! Best personality, best quotes ("Ciao! "), and the best battle music.

Dimentio is just the greatest. EVER... He is manipulative and has a likable personality. Even though he is pure evil you can't help but root for him. They shouldve made it that Dimentio did destroy all worlds... Then after that there would be a great follow up

He is by far the greatest mario villain ever he is like a puppet master with every body in the game

Dimentio tried to destroy the universe so he could rule it himself an he killed some characters!

Dimentio was almost able to fool mario's group by pretending to be a simple minion... Smart!