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1 Why Sonic Adventure sucks

The heck that's rude. This game was awesome!

This so-called "lets-play" of Sonic Adventure does dot prove why the game "sucks". Foremost, MTP just says the same sucks, before loading the game. When he loads the game, he starts raging about the music. But that's not the main reason why the video sucks. Mariotehplumber incorrectly controls the game -he uses his D-Pad and not his joystick- all while dropping F-bombs out of rage. Lastly, MTP does not leave a good final note on why Sonic Adventure "sucks" and just yel ls! a t the top of his lungs as a "final note".

2 Why Rosalina is a Hentai

This is my main reason why I truly hate Mariotehplumber. He hates Rosalina (and all other strong, independent women in general) so much

I'm pretty sure he hates Bayonetta mostly

3 Super Smash Bros 4 Deep ANALization
4 Super Mario1mario 1985 Japanese figure review
5 Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures Review

To the guy that said "The heck that's rude. This game was awesome! " and "Amazing game again. Even by his name, definitely a Sonic hater and Mario lover. Ugh", are you going to say "Now he's insulting Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures? How dare he! "?

I give the Sonic Adventure duology a 6/10. Please tell me why you love the Sonic Adventure games.

I give the Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures a quarter out of a whole ( I give the Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures T.V. series a 1/10 and Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures games a 4/10).

6 Sonic Adventure 3 Teaser Rant

John expresses his opinion on some so-called Sonic Adventure 3 teaser, and then in a fit of rage he throws some blocks into a section full of baby toys, then he throws a chair angrily. At the end of the video he flips the couch in the basement.

This is possibly his angriest and most rage-filled video yet.

Sonic the Hedgehog may sound like your typical teenage surfer dude from the Southern States that you are commonly put off by in Nickelodeon franchises aimed at little girls, but compare that to marfantehplumber!

7 You All Asked for It
8 Sonic Adventure 2 Review

Feel like this one should be higher though. You don't see any other videos of him starting with an audio-cracking roar and swearing right at the first second. I mean, the rage is strong in this one.

Amazing game again. Even by his name, definitely a Sonic hater and Mario lover. Ugh

He doesn't even review the game! All he does is rant about how "gay" it is and say the f word 15151515151515 times.

9 Sonic Shuffle Review
10 A Warning To Haters

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11 The Modern Moran Song
12 How to turn into a Super Saiyan
13 Game Grumps Rant

Most of this video is John saying that he is a better gamer than the Game Grumps and then it ends with him destroying a lamp and flipping the couch in a fit of rage.

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