Top Ten Markiplier Series

A list of all the different things that Markiplier does on his channel, because it needs to be done...

The Top Ten

1 Five Nights at Freddy's

Its obvious that this will rank #1,but wilfred passed this...

Definitely the best

I can't stop laughing on the jumpscares especially the first one.

1,000,000,000,000,000% These are the best Markiplier videos, these make Markiplier, Markiplier! These got him like 5 million subs! Big round of applause for him to entertain us! 😊

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2 Wilfred Warfstache


3 Octodad

The best octopus in a suit. - Merilille

So much editing!

4 Happy Wheels Highlights
5 Gmod
6 Trouble in Terrorist Town
7 Spore
8 Surgeon Simulator
9 Prop Hunt

"Like a loser"
"Welcome to the bonercast"

MARK: Eugh! Eugh! I'm just trying to fit my BONER into this tight space!
JACK: Okay, too far Mark!
WADE: Yeah, you inserted it too far!


10 Gmod Murder

The Contenders

11 Amnesia: Dark Decent V 1 Comment
12 Drunk Minecraft
13 To The Moon

I just finished watching it, y'all need to watch it as well. Pronto! - Merilille

I loved this game and the play through ^_^ I would suggest buying this underrated game..very good

14 Yandere Simulator

I always laugh my butt off whenever I watch one of these!

15 Vanish

Classic Markiplier series. Really funny at times and it spawned the hilarious 'American History 101' animation.

16 HuniePop

Loved this series! Hilarious commentary and led to the Bitch I'm fabulous remix!

17 Try Not To Laugh
18 Turbo Dismount
19 Reading Comments

You guys forgot this isn't only a list about gaming!

20 Until Dawn
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