Top Ten Markiplier Series

A list of all the different things that Markiplier does on his channel, because it needs to be done...

The Top Ten

1 Five Nights at Freddy's

Its obvious that this will rank #1,but wilfred passed this...

Definitely the best

I can't stop laughing on the jumpscares especially the first one.

1,000,000,000,000,000% These are the best Markiplier videos, these make Markiplier, Markiplier! These got him like 5 million subs! Big round of applause for him to entertain us! 😊

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2 Wilfred Warfstache


3 Octodad

The best octopus in a suit. - Merilille

So much editing!

4 Happy Wheels Highlights
5 Gmod
6 Trouble in Terrorist Town
7 Spore
8 Surgeon Simulator
9 Prop Hunt

"Like a loser"
"Welcome to the bonercast"

MARK: Eugh! Eugh! I'm just trying to fit my BONER into this tight space!
JACK: Okay, too far Mark!
WADE: Yeah, you inserted it too far!


10 Gmod Murder

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? Try Not To Laugh

The Contenders

11 Drunk Minecraft
12 To The Moon

I just finished watching it, y'all need to watch it as well. Pronto! - Merilille

I loved this game and the play through ^_^ I would suggest buying this underrated game..very good

13 Yandere Simulator

I always laugh my butt off whenever I watch one of these!

14 Vanish

Classic Markiplier series. Really funny at times and it spawned the hilarious 'American History 101' animation.

15 Turbo Dismount
16 Amnesia: Dark Decent V 1 Comment
17 HuniePop

Loved this series! Hilarious commentary and led to the Bitch I'm fabulous remix!

18 Reading Comments

You guys forgot this isn't only a list about gaming!

19 The Escapists
20 SCP Containment Breach

"Maybe Radical Larry's getting a little too radical." - Merilille

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