Best Maroon 5 Songs That Were Never Released As a Single

The Top Ten Best Maroon 5 Songs That Were Never Released As a Single

1 Lucky Strike

This song's pretty good, but how is it #1 when you've got all of Hands All Over to choose from? (Give a Little More, Don't Know Nothing, Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Last Chance, Get Back in My Life, etc.). And Tickets as #2? Another good song, but still...

Best song how did it not get released it's better than maps

2 Tickets
3 Doin' Dirt
4 Tangled


This song is so great! Especially the drummer, he did a great job.

5 Stutter
6 The Sun

A beautiful, very meaningful song. Its great!

I absolutely love this song

7 Little of Your Time
8 Runaway
9 Sad
10 Don't Know Nothing

The Contenders

11 Fortune Teller
12 Wipe Your Eyes

Always cry listening to this song. when Adam Levine commands you to CRY you don't have much choice!

13 How
14 Just a Feeling
15 Last Chance
16 Shiver
17 Infatuation
18 No Curtain Call
19 Sweetest Goodbye
20 Through With You
21 Not Falling Apart
22 Ragdoll
23 Secret
24 Give a Little More
25 Get Back In My Life
26 Never Gonna Leave This Bed
27 It Was Always You
28 Unkiss Me
29 The Man Who Never Lied
30 Leaving California
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