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Married couples in anime wither they were already married or eventually get married.

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1 Vegeta & Bulma - Dragon Ball Z

We should call bulma a super woman. As she changed vegeta from an evil guy who live for himself only to a kind one who loves his family and fights for peace of earth..i think bulma and vegeta are the best

They should be #1 maybe they didn't start from the best way but since they start to live together after cell games they are so committed to each other. (In their own way) and now in DBS is more evidenced he keeps her away from danger and she always helps him with his training. Unlike Chichi and Goku she's so annoying always punish him to work when she since the begging know that all that Goku can do is fight. And Bulma accepted Vegeta with his mood and all his defects.

My favorite DBZ couple:) They're the most entertaining couple on the show.

And that is why they are the most popular couple on the show. - bbvno

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2 Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuga - Naruto

It should be higher!

I think they will be best. like magnet opposite pole attract. Naruto opposite to hinata. They will attract.

Naruto and Hinata have always had this special connection way before they were married. When Hinata was feeling down Naruto brought her up saying how he could see how she was berating herself through her eyes and how her emotions were all throughout her eyes. Naruto also sensed Hinata when she was being warped in the infinite tsukynomi dream and she called out his name in her mind which he instinctivley reacted. He was about to go and yell something but then Sasuke stopped him.

They r just simply the best.

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3 Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist

The proposal was very cute

How on earth is this below Asuna and Kirito? Seriously people what the heck?

Come on! This should be Top ten at least!

That proposal made the scene! I love how realistic their grown up body look.

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4 Gohan & Videl Satan - Dragon Ball Z

They are really meant for each other and you know that because they have a daughter named pan and they got married and when videl thought gohan liked girls with short hair she blushed and in the battle of the gods movie when gohan found put videl was pregnant he ran over to her and hugged her and he was so happy and when gohan leaves videl behind to go fight bobiddi she even says when he comes back she going to ask him out

How Ironic that Hercules daughter ends up marrying the very guy who defeated Cell who he took the credit for. - ZZDOORAL

Yes they're cute together

Gohan/ videl has lot in common?
Gohan/ videl belong together

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5 Kagome Higurashi & Inuyasha - Inuyasha

Are they really married? I know for Miroku and Sango, but I don't really remember that InuYasha and Kagome are married.. It's the cutest couple ever anyway.

Kagome and Inuyasha r so cute together! I'm glad he didn't end up with Kikyou I mean Kikyou shot him with a arrow making him fall asleep for 50 years! And Kagome cares about Inuyasha more and dissent care if her life is in danger she just wants him alive! Inuyasha also protects Kagome with his life and he promised never to leave her again so I think that's cute...

Yes they're are really married because after Inuyasha the fina act they get married

too kawaii

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6 Shikamaru Nara and Temari - Naruto

Shikamaru and Temari probably have the best build up into a relationship in the Naruto story. You can see it with every interaction they have since their youth. They both respect and care for each other. They are both tactically good and from what I've seen after seeing each other in action they grew stronger. They aren't a big name couple like Sasuke and Sakura. (Sasuke and Sakura's "relationship" is a joke compared to them.) Nor are they a couple that you didn't see coming like Naruto and Hinata. (No build up between Naruto and Hinata.) But I wouldn't call Shikamaru and Temari boring! Just like when you watch them fight they seem to draw you in to their story. I would say theirs may be a quiet and steady love compared to some but it's consistent and their personalities both compliment and clash with each other just enough to keep things interesting! - NerdBunny

I love their relationship the best in Naruto

Did not expect that but I loved it! - RoseRedFlower

A combination of talent of the fire and firm of the sand!
They are great and perfect for each other. Also their relationship differs from the things between Naruto and Hinata or Sasuke and Sakura! - sabd

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7 Krillen & Android #18 - Dragon Ball Z

The short dudes got the best girls

Nice I like them together

Amazing couple and great point for the plot

Spelled krillin wrong

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8 Tomoya & Nagisa - Clannad

"There just so perfect for each other"

Awesome couple! It's great to see how the romantic plot actually turned out into a warm family.

There story is one of pure beauty and the acceptance of life in its infinite goodness. They are a couple that represent that ideal perfectly.

One of the best couple

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9 Alzack & Bisca - Fairy Tail

They are so cute and their daughter is adorable - wasa

Well, Al and Bisca have always been like, MADLY CRUSHING ON EACH OTHER ever since season 1. Heck,the GUILD APPROVES OF IT! They're canon for crying out loud! And they even had a kid! That's a first in FT where a large ship has a kiddo!

I love their story even though they are not really the main character of the movie but still their love story caught my attention like what the I never expected that they would in up in getting married well yeahh they have mutual feeling for each other ever since in season one..

Loved this couple

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10 Goku & Chi Chi - Dragon Ball Z

Worst couple ever. Nobody else wanted ChiChi so she tricked stupid Goku into marrying and sleeping with her but it doesn't matter because Goku is gone for most of their so-called marriage so it's almost like they're not even together. Chichi has no self-respect, willing to wait hands and feet on a man who rather be elsewhere than with her. She makes all women look bad. Stupid and useless.

Akira Toriyama pretty much called them "roommates". Goku has no sense of family. He's got Peter Pan syndrome. He'll never grow up but he'll still be around to test out the enemies' strength, train, and eat. Chi Chi will stupidly cater to him til she die.

I don't know, guys. Goku seems to have an obsession with Bulma's boobs.

The parents of multiple other amazing ships!

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11 Asuna & Kirito - Sword Art Online

I want to have a love story like theirs. I know it wouldn't happen. But watching them together really makes me glad

An even better love story than Twilight. Maybe even Romeo and Juliet, since Asuna and Kirito actually get to know each other in the game. They are really a cute couple together.

Their love survived two digital imprisonments and the real world that's more than enough


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12 Minato & Kushina - Naruto

In my very strong opinion, they are the cutest married anime couple ever! They are so cute!

It seems like they are made for each other, they are super cute together.

The couple was very cute.

I think so to minato is a lucky guy to have kushina and kushina is lucky to have minato

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13 Renji Abarai & Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

They are the cutest married couple! They are so funny, sexy and adorable together.

They are finally married! I was waiting for them to get married since I read their past.

They are a hot couple

I'm so happy they got married and look so happy together

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14 Misaki Ayuzawa & Takumi Usui - Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Sure the sexiest boy and the sexiest girl of all anime just married in the last chapter, it's still totally legit! They deserve FIRST if not in the top three.

"I love how they supported one another through thick and thin. Besides, who could resist usui's charms"

Usui seems to be the right guy for her. Both of them deserves each other.

They both love each other so much! They deserve a spot in the top 3!

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15 Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno - Naruto

Although they doesn't have a good start their characters develop along the series and they mature into an awesome shinobi really love them they should be higher that this

They are the couple with the deepest philosophy... I mean they're arried and its pretty obvious that they care for eachothr

I hate it - ThatEmoLoner

Uhu sasuke left her with a kid after trying to kill her 3 times called her annoying, stupid, useless not too mention he said she is makes him sick, if that is true love for u then good luck hopefully youll find urself a guy who beats your ass up and mocks your existence and remember kids never listen to anyone! he beats the crap out of u because he loves u this much! -every sasusaku fan - karolinami132

16 Songo & Miroku - Inuyasha
17 Sun Seto & Nagasumi Michishio - My Bride is a Mermaid

They're adorable together

I really ship them both...

18 Maes & Gracia Hughes - FullMetal Alchemist

Maes was obviously head over heels over his wife from the start (even in her pregnant state), before Gracia was introduced. And she's basically the logic to his randomness. This couple complimented with their daughter Elicia creates a top couple and a happy family.

Maes and Gracia's relationship was the cutest- and his love for his daughter made me admire the family even more

19 Keitaro Urashima & Naru Narusegawa - Love Hina


20 Light Yagami & Misa Amane - Death Note

Doesn't know how to use a girl properly that's how he died in the end

He only used her for his benefit, it's good that he died at the end

Even though he was using her :/

It was one-sided. He used her for his own gain. - ThatEmoLoner

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