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21 In the Name of Love In the Name of Love

With the popularity that this song is gaining, I'm surprised that it's in such a low position. Garrix's growth really stands out in this song.

He is getting better & better... Unique Garrix

Touching tone... Garrix is awesome

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22 Torrent Torrent

Very good tune... Very powerful and melodious. Should be on number 1 Martin Garrix is the best

Really epic song, I really like it. has nice powerful tune.

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23 Turn Up The Speakers

It is a bit out of tune but who cares! Its one of Martins best songs but its still down here.

This is one of the best songs done by martin garrix and one of my favourite songs but really want to know why its number20

Love the tune...true masterpiecec by martin garrix and afrojack

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24 Set Me Free Set Me Free
25 Carousel

Obviously a very good club song

One of the best songs!

26 Project T

Best remix song should be under top 10

Awesome remix..Should move higher

27 Bouncybob Bouncybob

Awesome songs the list should be like:
3)bouncy bob
this song may not be as good as poison this is the thug life kind of song - demongod

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28 Keygen Keygen V 1 Comment
29 Midnight Sun 2.0 (Martin Garrix Remix) Midnight Sun 2.0 (Martin Garrix Remix)
30 Tsunami
31 Error 404 Error 404 V 2 Comments
32 Backlash

Beautiful melody... Martin garrix is perfect

33 Go Jump

I think only a few people might have heard this song! But trust me it's an awesome song...

34 Don't Crack Under Pressure V 1 Comment
35 Crackin

Great song! One of his best. Definitely top ten material

Martin does a great remix of Bassjackers original song! Should be a top ten for sure.

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36 Party Signal

Good song love it...

37 Itsa Itsa
38 Psycho
39 Stellar Stellar
40 5 Days
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