Top 10 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies of the 2010s

Thor: Ragnarok comes out this Friday! I’ve kind of gotten less excited for it after finding out that it’s a comedy, but I’m still gonna see it. In the mean time, let’s discuss the best Marvel Cinematic Universe films of the 2010s!

The Top Ten Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies of the 2010s

1 Captain America: Civil War

Two hours of utter boredom and almost like nothing excited about this movie, the onyl thing iliked about ths mvie was Spider-Man and Ant Man, but it's just two and a half hour of boredom and they put almost all the focus on The Winter Soldier. Just so boring all I can say is, the first two were better, but Thor: The Dark World is still the worst, in my opinion. - darthvadern

Yes, this movie is da best! MegaSoulHero for the win!

I remember people saying that Batman v Superman would be better than Captain America: Civil War and I kept on telling them that it won’t and they refused to believe me. So I had a fun time laughing at them when they ended up being wrong because Civil War is an outstanding movie! Of all the Marvel movies, this one is the most mature! It tells us that even superheroes have to face the consequences of their actions! The movie was everything I hoped it would be! It has excellently choreographed action sequences, awesome new characters, and great emotion! The airport fight scene is such a fun scene to watch! It perfectly mixes great fighting and funny dialogue! The humor in this scene works because it’s not a fight to the death. The real emotional fight scene happens in the end with Tony, Steve, and Bucky. That’s when things get serious. Black Panther is a great superhero and I’m looking forward to his movie. Spider-Man was great as well! I enjoyed everything about the movie! ...more - MegaSoulhero

Honestly this movie try’s to ripoff BVS’ formula, but fails even at that. The movie is so boring and everything is insanely predictable. You know who’s going to win and who’s going to lose. At least BVS had suspense. This movie has almost nothing going for it. - TheReviewer20

2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

My only problem with the movie is that you can easly get bored other than that it's just awesomne! - darthvadern

I didn’t care for the first Captain America movie. Sure, the character was cool, but the movie itself was kind of boring. Winter Soldier, however, managed to be a phenomenal film! They turned a character who I thought was just okay into my favorite MCU character! The movie has a much darker tone. The action is a lot more intense. It actually has more meaning to it. Seeing Cap fight Bucky can be pretty emotional since they used to be friends. By the way, Sebastian Stan is amazing as Bucky! The expressions he makes gives him a look that we should be fearing! The darker tone is what makes the movie so great! There’s not a lot of humor in it! It actually focuses on being a more serious and dark film! And that’s what I really love! Excellent work! - MegaSoulhero

3 Guardians Of The Galaxy

It's hard to choose the first one of second one (both are great movies), but at the end of the day, I choose the second one, beaucse the plot was more interesting in that movie and we see Nebula grow more as a character. I still really like the first one because it had some really great special effects too! - darthvadern

Oh yes this one for sure or the second I think it is the best and really ecxiting and interesting

I thought this movie was gonna suck, but it turned out to be really great! It’s one of the most surprising movies I've seen. I didn’t know much about the Guardians of the Galaxy before watching this, but now I’m a fan! This is definitely more comedic than most other Marvel films. The jokes are actually very funny and come at the right times! Unlike its sequel. Not only is the movie funny, it’s also emotional. There are quite a lot of sad scenes. More than you’d expect from a film like this. These scenes actually feel very powerful and intense and makes us care a lot about the characters. And they aren’t ruined by out of place jokes. Again, unlike the sequel! Rocket is my favorite character! As much as I hate raccoons, I though he was awesome and got the best lines! Groot was surprisingly a great character as well despite only being able to say 3 words. It’s amazing how they made him so likeable without having much dialogue. I love Guardians of the Galaxy! - MegaSoulhero

4 Thor: Ragnarok

It's really good - WinchesterGirl26

Get this is the number #1 spot, in my opnion it's the second best movie of all time! - darthvadern

I will be seeing this todady with my dad in theaters (yes this movie is in theater right now too), hope it will b good. Beacuseteh first one was good but forgettable, the second was just messed up, but the third one might be great! - darthvadern

5 The Avengers

Excellent movie and way better than AoU - darthvadern

I’m so glad we finally got to see these great superheroes team up! Everyone has been anticipating this movie ever since that trailer they showed after Captain America! And it did not disappoint! These characters work very great as a team! Loki is one of the best villains in the MCU! Which isn’t saying much since most of the villains in the MCU are garbage. But he actually is very memorable and very competent. The whole battle scene in New York was amazing! When I first watched the movie in a theater, I was blown away. Excellent visuals, excellent cinematography, excellent dialogue! There is some humor in the scene, but it’s not too frequent. But when it happens, it’s REALLY funny! Avengers is a movie that gave us what we wanted and more! It was definitely a great experience! I’m excited for Infinity War! - MegaSoulhero

6 Spider-Man: Homecoming

2nd favorite movie of 2017 so far. It exceeded my expectations because I was just expecting another bland Spiderman movie. This one was really funny and it had a simpler story, rather than all these movies both Marvel and DC both make that force in too many characters. This one inputs Iron Man, but he's an actual CHARACTER, who's purpose is to mentor Spider-Man. This whole movie was incredibly refreshing - Phillip873

Overrated but still great, I prefer the whole Raimi trilogy though over it and maybe the first TASM movie as well - darthvadern

I was really excited for Spider-Man Homecoming! And then when I saw it, it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I mean, it’s still a good movie. Just not great. Tom Holland as Peter Parker is still perfect! The scenes that take place in the school are great to watch because it reminds us that Peter is still just a kid and has to deal with real life situations. This makes him a relatable character. Vulture is my favorite MCU villain! Michael Keaton does an excellent job! That scene where he’s in the car with Peter and finds out that he’s Spider-Man was top notch! Although, I really didn’t like the plot twist involving him. I also felt like they tried too hard to make people laugh at times. I know Spider-Man is supposed to be a comedic superhero, but they went overboard with it here! There were also too many things that were shown in the trailer. I really wish didn’t show Tony coming out of his suit to confront Peter in the trailer. That would’ve been a great surprise! ...more - MegaSoulhero

7 Ant-Man

Just watched this movie today, very good and one of the greatest! Not only is the plot exciting and fun to watch, it hasd good humour, that final battle was hilarious with the Thomas train! - darthvadern

This is the funniest non-Guardians Marvel movie! This made me laugh so hard! There are a lot of jokes, but they don’t seem forced or out of place. And they are all legitimately funny. I was honestly surprised by how much I liked this film! Ant-Man is a superhero who I didn’t think would have such a great film! I didn’t care that much for him in the past, but this made me really appreciate him! Originally, Edgar Wright was going to direct this, but he dropped out. And even refuses to watch it. However, the movie has moments that look like something Wright would’ve done if he stayed on the project. It’s not perfect, though. There are a few plot holes. It’s stated that Scott has the same mass while being small. Yet the ants were somehow able to support him. There was also a scene when Scott has 10 seconds to put on the suit and he manages to do so. No one can put on there suit that fast. Still, this is a pretty underrated film. - MegaSoulhero

8 Avengers: Infinity War

In my opinion the best one - darthvadern

9 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange I already knew I was gonna like when they made Benedict Cumberbatch Stephen Strange. He is perfect! Of all the Marvel films, this has the best visuals! Everything looks like it’s actually happening! People walking on buildings, the city bending, the portal things, they did an excellent job at making it look great! My favorite character is Mordo, played by... I don’t remember his name. But he did an outstanding job! It’s too bad he’s gonna be in what looks like a terrible Disney film in 2019. As great as this movie is, it has flaws. One of them being the humor. There are some jokes that are funny, but some of them come at the wrong times. Something awesome would happen and then it would suddenly become less awesome because they ruin it with a joke. Also, if Stephen was actually in a car crash like that, he would be dead. I enjoyed Doctor Strange. It doesn’t seem to get too much attention, though. - MegaSoulhero

This was actually the first marvel movie that I watched in my life, yes it's true, the first marvel movie I saw in my entire life! And god am I glad I saw it, this movie has everything, good characters, good plot amazing special effects and a great villain! The movie starts off with the doctor Stephen Strange when he crashes with his car and he goes to Nepal (I think) to heal, when he is there he learns that he needs to save the world from Dormammo (I think that's his name). The action scenes are great, they don't focus on explosions and stuff, they focus on being brutal! The fight with Kaecilus in about the middle of the movie is great, it's an example of how a fight in an action movies should be! The characters are all very good in my opinion too, Stephen Strange, the Ancient One, Wong, Dormammu, Kaecilius, yeah, all of them are great, and the special effects are so impressive! I love all the cgi in this movie! And as far as it goes, Dr. Strange is my second favorite marvel ...more - darthvadern

10 Avengers: Age of Ultron

I did not like it that much, it was confusing and Ultron's plan made no sense, it was also so boring - darthvadern

People hate this film for some reason. I’m aware that it has flaws. The action isn’t as good as the first movie and the relationship between Hulk and Black Widow seemed very forced and came out of nowhere, but the reason I like it is because of the character development. We get to see the characters interacting more with each other. There’s a scene that takes place at a cabin which is my favorite scene in the movie because the interactions between the characters seem genuine. We even find out that Hawkeye has a wife. I thought Ultron was a pretty great villain. He was very intimidating and actually seemed like a real threat. Scarlet Witch is a very cool and attractive character, but Quicksilver was pretty bad. I honestly didn’t care when he died. I know not everyone likes this film, but it could’ve been worse. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 is a rare sequel for me that surpasses the original. Yondu gets some serious character development and his death made me cry for FIFTEEN MINUTES after I walked out of the theater. This also has an amazing villain, a bunch of shocking twists, and one of the best final showdowns EVER.

I thought this was a decent film, but it was nowhere near as good as the first one. The first one had a perfect balance of humor and serious moments! This one focuses mostly on the humor and doesn’t seem to care about the story! I get it! The Guardians movies are supposed to be comedic! But they can be comedic while focusing on more important moments! Some of the jokes aren’t even that funny and come across as childish! They turned Drax into a complete joke! Baby Groot was only there for marketing purposes! I loved the scenes involving Rocket and Yondu, though! Yondu was a surprisingly great character in this movie! Which is weird since I didn’t care about him in the first movie. I also thought the villain was pretty good despite having a weak motivation. Still, this kind of just seemed like a filler movie. You can easily skip it and it wouldn’t hurt anything. - MegaSoulhero

12 Avengers: Endgame
13 Black Panther
14 Captain America: The First Avenger

Pretty good move, however it doesn't stand up to its sequel The Winter Soldier - darthvadern

15 Iron Man 3

I don’t get the hate for this movie. People say that it’s worse than Iron Man 2. Come on! Iron Man 2 was terrible! This movie was actually pretty decent. I like seeing that Tony is able to handle himself without relying on the suit. Even without the suit, he’s still Iron Man. So I thought this was some nice development. The action is also great! The final fight scene is brilliantly shot and looks visually amazing with all of the tech suits. I also love the scene where the people are falling out of the plane and Tony saves them! I just wish the scene didn’t end with a dumb joke. Sure Tony makes a lot of dumb decisions and sure the Mandarin plot twist was infuriating, but I still thought the movie was solid. I still think the first movie is the best Iron Man film. - MegaSoulhero

16 Captain Marvel
17 Iron Man 2
18 Thor (2011)

Averege movie, good characters but this movie can be boring since most of the movie takes place on Midgard (it feels like it is so). - darthvadern

19 Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
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