Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Thoughts

MegaSoulhero SPIDER-MAN IS BACK!!! Spider-Man Homecoming is my most anticipated Marvel film right now! I watched the trailer for it, and I got even more excited!

The trailer starts out with some thieves stealing money while wearing Avengers masks. Then Spider-Man comes in and says "You guys aren't the real Avengers! I can tell, Hulk gives it away!" That is some classic Spidey humor! Tom Holland is still absolutely perfect as Spider-Man! Also, as much as I love the Spidey suit from the Sam Raimi films, this suit is pretty awesome! We then see Peter Parker at his school hanging out with his friend, Ned, and they're just creepily staring at Liz Allan. Even Zendaya's character, Michelle, pointed out that it was creepy. Oh yeah, by the way, Zendaya is NOT playing Mary Jane! I can't believe there were people who thought she was! Also, Tony Stark is in this movie and he's basically being Peter's mentor. So it's great seeing them interact more! While Peter is in a classroom, he is seen watching footage from the airport battle from Civil War. How did he even get that footage? I doubt there was anyone there who was recording the battle.

We later see Peter accidentally reveal his identity to Ned which causes him to drop a Lego Death Star! You have any idea how long it takes to build a Lego Death Star!? Oh yeah, and we see Vulture in the trailer and that costume is just awesome! I mean, wow! Unfortunately, Tony tells Peter that he's not ready for this kind of thing. Peter wants to show him that he is very capable and that he is not just a kid. He knows that he can handle it and that's what we really like about Spider-Man! He can handle anything! They also show The Shocker in the trailer. He only appears for like one second but it was a very dark moment! And it gets even darker from there! There's even a part where Spider-Man is trying to pull together a ship with his webbing, which reminds me of the scene from Spider-Man 2 where he's trying to stop the train. That is an excellent homage! And what better way to end the trailer than by having Spider-Man and Iron Man flying/swinging along side each other! Just from this trailer, I can tell that this has a chance of being a great Spider-Man film! The last two films were pretty disappointing but this looks awesome!

I am so hyped for the movie! Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheroes so I can't wait to see this film! And it will be great seeing Spider-Man and Iron Man work together again! Tony not only acts like a mentor to Peter, he acts kind of like a father figure toward him as well! I will definitely see this movie on July 7, 2017! Plus, I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more of Marisa Tomei as Aunt May!


Nice - VideoGamefan5

Was it because you think Aunt May is hot in that movie and that's why you wanted to see more of her - iliekpiez

2 years later... this movie is great - UltraIsBack