Movie Review - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

MegaSoulhero Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was one of my most anticipated movies of the year! I really loved the first one so I was really excited to see these characters again! And all the trailers and TV spots got me even more excited for the movie! So I saw the movie and was it as good as the first one? Nope!

In this movie, we see the Guardians again doing what they do best and working as a team. They then get chased by some gold people after Rocket steals something from them. They crash their ship on some planet and while on that planet, they meet Peter's father. Also, Yondu is involved and Nebula is involved. Don't get me wrong, this was a good movie, but compared the first one, it was kind of a let down. Let me talk about positives first. The characters! Just like in the first movie, I really love the characters! And here, we get to know more about them. We get to learn more about their backstories. So there's a lot more development in this one than in the first one. Rocket is still an awesome character, Starlord is still cool, Gamora is still tough and the more serious one, and Drax is pretty hilarious! And I just love Baby Groot! My biggest worry was that he would be the Jar Jar Binks of the movie, but he was absolutely adorable! Even though they overused his adorableness to sell merchandise. In the beginning, it just shows him dancing for about three minutes. Yondu is probably my favorite character in the movie! He definitely gets his moments to shine in this one! As for the new characters, Peter's father, played by Kurt Russel, was pretty cool. Kurt really gives an excellent performance in the role and the way he interacts with Peter is very believeable! I also loved Mantis! Very great character and has some pretty funny moments too! She's also really hot!

Just like in the first movie, the visuals are really good! It definitely shows in the action sequences! Especially in the climax of the film! This one is definitely more colorful than the first movie! The amount of detail is very impressive! I watched this movie in IMAX 3D. I'm not saying it's a movie that you have to watch in 3D, but I thought the 3D was really good! Yondu and Rocket are seen working together and they make such an awesome duo! They have the best action scene in the entire film! Yondu uses his arrow to kill a bunch of ravagers while Rocket also helps out with killing them. This entire scene is visually stunning, funny, and shows just how awesome these two characters are! A main problem that a lot of Marvel movies have is the villain. They can either be forgettable or just lame. The villain in this movie, however, is actually really awesome! Too bad I can't tell you who it is. There were also some pretty emotional moments in the film.

And now I'll talk about negatives. The story! This has a very confusing story! It just seems all over the place! It feels like multiple movies put into one! You have this plot with Peter meeting his father, but you also have this plot about Rocket, Yondu, and ravagers, and then there's the gold people. Honestly, I didn't give a crap about the ravagers or the gold people. I didn't think the gold people would be in this movie as much as they were. They weren't very interesting and were mostly just there for plot convenience. The first movie had a very simple story, but in this one, there's too much happening that it becomes harder to follow. Another major problem was the humor. This movie has WAY too many jokes! And yeah, I know I said there were some pretty hilarious moments, but there are times when the humor is what is being focused on the most. I get that one of the things that made the first movie so great was the humor, but at least it had a perfect balance of joke telling and story telling. With this one, they seem to focus mostly on the jokes. And they sometimes ruin the tone of a scene. Some of them I thought were really funny, and others I felt like were written by 5 year olds. There's penis jokes, nipple jokes, and turd jokes! I mean, seriously!? The jokes also seem to drag on for too long at times. There's a running joke throughout the movie where people keep calling Rocket different types of animals. That got old really fast. But I still thought it was a pretty funny movie. They even made a reference to Mary Poppins. Part of me thought that line was very funny and another part of me was thinking "Really, Disney?"

The movie seems to be slow at some points and rushed in some others. Especially in the first half. It was quite a mess. It took some time for me to be fully invested in the film. But as the film went along, it started getting a lot more interesting and was better paced. Also, as much as I like the action, I thought it was a step back from the first film. I also thought Drax was pretty wasted in this movie. He barely does anything useful! Even Groot does more things than him! I also thought some of the celebrity cameos were pretty forced.

8.2 on IMDb seems kind of high, don't you think? This is a good movie but I wasn't really blown away by it. There are certainly things to enjoy but I thought the script was trash, had sloppy pacing in the first half, and a very confusing story. But what saved this movie was its great visuals, great characters, and some very funny moments. I think I'd rank this as my ninth favorite film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I definitely suggest checking it out!

Score: 7/10


They develop the characters and have good homour and storyline and add new ones. Nebula was a tragic character as is Gamora. - iliekpiez