Best Marvel Movie Franchises

The Top Ten Best Marvel Movie Franchises

1 Captain America Franchise

The 1st Avenger was Ok, but The Winter Soldier and Civil War are legendary movies. - wriddhak

2 Guardians of the Galaxy Franchise

Gotg 1 was great, Gotg 2 was even better and hopefully Gotg 3 will also be awesome. - wriddhak

3 Avengers Franchise

The first 2 Avengers Movies were Ok.The 3rd One is the best Marvel Movie and the 4th One was great too - wriddhak

4 Deadpool Franchise

Deadpool 1 was good but Deadpool 2 is a thousand times better - wriddhak

5 Thor Franchise

The first 2 were not good films But RAGNAROK Is the besr - wriddhak

6 Wolverine Franchise

Logan was grear - wriddhak

7 X-Men Franchise
8 Spider-Man Home Franchise
9 Iron Man Franchise
10 Ant-Man Franchise
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