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21 The Wolverine

If not for this film's weak third-act, this would have been a terrific film. Sadly, most people forget how good everything was before the CGI-heavy Silver Samurai scene underwhelms them. - BKAllmighty

A remarkable movie that was extremely underrated still to today good to see it getting decent respect.

Awesome movie (except for the last 30 minutes)

he my hero

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22 Iron Man 2

This was just kind of a dull movie. To this day, I can't remember the story, the characters or really anything that even happened. Kind of forgettable

One of my friend's hails this as her favourite film in the MCU. Not sure why, but I agree with her that it's better than most people give it credit for. Plus, now we can enjoy the Easter egg cameo (of sorts) that is young Peter Parker donning an Iron Man mask. - BKAllmighty

Meh. War Machine was definitely cool


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23 X-Men

My only problem with it is they nerfed rogue, they took away every one of her powers except the power absorbing, other than that I love this movie

Before she absorbed Ms Marvels powers this was her only ability. So no, they didn't nerd it, they stayed true to the comics.

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24 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I consider this film to be a slight step beneath the first film, only because it fails to add anything to the first film's formula. It's more of the same, and that makes it good, not great. - BKAllmighty

This is by far one of the best Marvel movies I've ever seen. It was emotional and had a decent plot. SPOILER, it was pretty heart wrenching when Yandu died. That scene hit me hard. And let me just say, that's one of the best things to have in a movie. - MillieTrina_Prower

Such a good movie


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25 Spider-Man 3

Don't hate me for this... this movie isn't that bad. Especially when compared to some of the monstrosities that Marvel has put out (I'm looking at you 2015's 'Fantastic Four'). I get that the "Emo Peter" dance scenes and the over-abundance of villains (which include the poorly-executed "Venom") are it's main faults but the dynamic between MJ and Peter, Flint Marco's character arc, and most of the film's jokes are definite highlights that are all seemingly ignored in favour of putting the film down. I'm not saying it's a great movie (it IS the second-weakest of the six Spider-Man films), but it doesn't deserve to be hated as much as it is, I don't think. - BKAllmighty

Best spiderman movie ever

I like the bad guys

This is very underrated this is my rank ed for most underrated
1.Star wars ep 3
2.Iron man 3 university
4.Batman forever
5.spiderman 3
1.Star wars 6
2.Wall e
3.xmen first class
4.rattatoie(I know it is wrong but you know what it is right)
5.Ex machine
This is my opinion like or dislike I can agree - Thirdwind

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26 Doctor Strange

This deserves number one. It is THE BEST Marvel movie so far.

A GREAT movie. Amazing character development, good choice of actors, awestriking dialogue, scary realistic animation, and an ending that keeps us marvel fans interested. It should be up there with iron man 1.

Just saw this was amazing

This is actually one of my favourite MCU films. I am hugely looking forward to all of Stephen Strange's future appearances in the franchise (I hope he's in 'Thor: Ragnarok' for more than a few minutes). - BKAllmighty

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27 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

GET THIS FILM OFF THIS LIST! This was the only one that I hated! Deadpool was my favorite superhero of all time and this movie just made a joke out of him! First of all, the most important part is that he's supposed to talk! His nickname is "The Merc with the mouth" not, "the merc with the sealed face"! Also, the swords coming out of his fists were longer than his fore arms! How does he bend his elbows that way!?!?!?

Such a promising project. It had the makings of a memorable film event. Instead, we got a sad pseudo-Deadpool, cheaply-animated CGI claws, and a story with the dramatic heft of a kids sword-fighting with pool noodles. Hugh Jackman tried his best, but it would take two more tries (and eight years) before they'd get it right. - BKAllmighty

Basically Deadpool fans hate this movie, because of how Deadpool is depicted. They don't judge the movie on its other merits. It was a great movie and should be in the top 10. Hugh Jackman did an incredible job. Comic book movies don't, and shouldn't perfectly mirror the comic book, get over it!

Should be in top 20

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28 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It's hard to stay invested in this mess of a film after the first half hour when you realize that it's blah start never leads to anything better. - BKAllmighty

This movie is awful in every aspect, it is the worst superhero movie I've ever seen

This movie has so much action Peter Parker has more than 2 enemies. Marvel Movie Rate: 9.02

So bad in hbo side should have changed to fox's,side dumbasses

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29 Fantastic Four (2005)

People only think this one is okay because of the new one

I would love it if I could see it.

What People Think Of This Movie

When It Came Out-Boo! This Movie Sucks!

Today-Eh,Not That Bad!, The 2015 Reboot Was Much Worse

Maybe it wasent that bad

30 Big Hero 6

Not many people know that Big Hero 6 has Marvel roots.

This movie is my favorite animated Disney movie to come out recently. The creators did fantastic. - ShuhBanggg

I went to see this film with some friends and I never knew that it would be so good.

My favorite animated movie so far - Sassy13crown

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31 X-Men: Apocalypse

This Below Fantastic Four (2005) And X-Men Origins Wolverine? Whaa? , This Isn't The Best Marvel Movie, But It's A Cool Movie, And Deserves To Be Higher Than Fantastic Four (2005), And X-En Origins Wolverine, Beacause This Is Much Better Than Those Ones - VideoGamefan5

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32 Blade II

I haven't watched it befor and sadly it's rated R too just like the deadpool movie.

33 Blade
34 Daredevil V 4 Comments
35 Avengers Assemble (2012)
36 X-Men: The Last Stand


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37 The Punisher (2004) V 2 Comments
38 Hulk

I've always loved this underrated movie. The visuals and the hulk are really stunning. For 2003 they did a hell of a job! Yeah the starts slow and kinda boring but after the first transformation I was hooked. Especially that awesome scene where betty and bruce hug with the army inching close. Really made me feel teary.

This movie is VERY underrated! Eric Bana is a perfect Banner. But the thing that makes this movie great is the CGI Hulk. This Hulk is my favorite version of Hulk EVER! The face, the strength, even if the size isn't like the comic, it still makes Hulk more... Beast. Hulk 2003 model is 10/10, Hulk 2008 model is 8/10, and 2012 Hulk model is 9.5/10.

Very underrated. Without this, there would be no The Dark Knight Trilogy or Logan. - Cwf1997

I enjoyed it except for when they said absorbing man was his father

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39 Ghost Rider

I really really like this movie but I really think they should've gone for a hard R with this just like with Blade, still a great movie even if the PG-13 rating is kinda holding it back

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40 The Punisher (1989)
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