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21 X-Men

My only problem with it is they nerfed rogue, they took away every one of her powers except the power absorbing, other than that I love this movie

Before she absorbed Ms Marvels powers this was her only ability. So no, they didn't nerd it, they stayed true to the comics.

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22 Doctor Strange

This deserves number one. It is THE BEST Marvel movie so far.

A GREAT movie. Amazing character development, good choice of actors, awestriking dialogue, scary realistic animation, and an ending that keeps us marvel fans interested. It should be up there with iron man 1.

Just saw this was amazing

'Tis good.

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23 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie is awful in every aspect, it is the worst superhero movie I've ever seen

This movie has so much action Peter Parker has more than 2 enemies. Marvel Movie Rate: 9.02

I loved this movie.

So bad in hbo side should have changed to fox's,side dumbasses

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24 Spider-Man 3

Best spiderman movie ever

I like the bad guys

BEST Spider-Man movie ever...

This is very underrated this is my rank ed for most underrated
1.Star wars ep 3
2.Iron man 3 university
4.Batman forever
5.spiderman 3
1.Star wars 6
2.Wall e
3.xmen first class
4.rattatoie(I know it is wrong but you know what it is right)
5.Ex machine
This is my opinion like or dislike I can agree - Thirdwind

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25 Big Hero 6

Not many people know that Big Hero 6 has Marvel roots.

This movie is my favorite animated Disney movie to come out recently. The creators did fantastic. - ShuhBanggg

I went to see this film with some friends and I never knew that it would be so good.

My favorite animated movie so far - Sassy13crown

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26 Blade II

I haven't watched it befor and sadly it's rated R too just like the deadpool movie.

27 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

GET THIS FILM OFF THIS LIST! This was the only one that I hated! Deadpool was my favorite superhero of all time and this movie just made a joke out of him! First of all, the most important part is that he's supposed to talk! His nickname is "The Merc with the mouth" not, "the merc with the sealed face"! Also, the swords coming out of his fists were longer than his fore arms! How does he bend his elbows that way!?!?!?

Basically Deadpool fans hate this movie, because of how Deadpool is depicted. They don't judge the movie on its other merits. It was a great movie and should be in the top 10. Hugh Jackman did an incredible job. Comic book movies don't, and shouldn't perfectly mirror the comic book, get over it!

I despise this movie with a burning passion. It ruined my idol deadpool and gave Gambit no more than 5 minutes of appearance. Why is it even on this list?

I had a fun time with this movie, the action was cool, I liked sabertooth.
I now I now they destroyed deadpool, but for me I don't think deadpool is that cool of a character he, s almost no difference from spiderman, agility, colors and humor

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28 Fantastic Four (2005)

People only think this one is okay because of the new one

What People Think Of This Movie

When It Came Out-Boo! This Movie Sucks!

Today-Eh,Not That Bad!, The 2015 Reboot Was Much Worse

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29 Avengers Assemble (2012)
30 Daredevil V 4 Comments
31 X-Men: The Last Stand


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32 The Punisher (2004) V 2 Comments
33 X-Men: Apocalypse

This Below Fantastic Four (2005) And X-Men Origins Wolverine? Whaa? , This Isn't The Best Marvel Movie, But It's A Cool Movie, And Deserves To Be Higher Than Fantastic Four (2005), And X-En Origins Wolverine, Beacause This Is Much Better Than Those Ones - VideoGamefan5

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34 Blade
35 The Punisher (1989)
36 Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United
37 Planet Hulk
38 Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United
39 Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher
40 Ultraviolet
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