Best Marvel Superhero / Villain's Colors

Every superhero and villains have colors to their names. Lets see who is the best.

The Top Ten

1 Green, Gold, Light Blue (Loki Laufeyson)

Great colures mixed together! - moonwolf

He is so cute. His dimmples and his eyes are iresistible. - LokiLaufeyson2000

2 Red, Gold (Iron Man)

Red and Gold is an awesome colour combonation for Iron Man.

3 Red, White, Blue (Captain America)


4 Black, Purple (Hawkeye)

It just looks noice. - elilo623

5 Red, Gray, Blue (Thor)
6 Purple, Green (Hulk)
7 Red, Black (Red Skull)
8 Orange, Blue (The Thing (Fantastic Four))
9 Green, Silver (Mr. Doom (Fantastic Four))
10 Red, Blue (Spiderman)

The Contenders

11 Yellow & Red (The Flash)
12 Black, Dark Grey (Batman)
13 Blue, Red, Yellow (Superman)

The American colors! SON!

14 Green, White (Green Lantern)
15 Red, Pink (Scarlet Witch)
16 Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, (Rainbow Man)
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