Top Ten Marvel vs DC Superhero Fights


The Top Ten

1 Justice League vs the Avengers

I guess justice league would win because they have SUPERMAN and are basically all Gods ( except for Batman) but he is rich so he can buy all the weapons (not that I have anything against Batman)

Winner:justice league - toorh

2 Superman vs Hulk

Winner:superman - toorh

3 Superman vs Thor

Superman sucks thor will easily beat superman and thor is now stronger than before

Winner:thor - toorh

4 Sentry vs Superman
5 Batman vs Iron Man

Winner:batman - toorh

6 Wonder Woman vs Invisible Woman
7 Batman vs Black Panther
8 Wolverine vs Lobo
9 Captain America vs Batman
10 The Flash vs Thor

Winner:the flasl - toorh

The Contenders

11 Green Lantern vs Wolverine

Winner:green lantern - toorh

12 Cyborg vs Iron Man
13 Night Wing vs Moon Knight

Winner:night wing - toorh

14 Captain America vs Iron Man

Winner:captain america - toorh

15 Great Lakes Avengers vs Metal Men
16 Red Hood vs the Winter Soldier

Winner:the winter soilder - toorh

17 Green Lantern vs Captain America

Winner:captain america - toorh

18 Batman vs Spider-Man
19 Daredevil vs Batman
20 Deadpool vs Carnage


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