Top Ten Mary Sue-Ish Warrior Names

These are the names that you should NOT use when you make a Warrior Cats OC. These names may sound pretty, but they're sue/stu-ish

The Top Ten

1 Starkit

This is bad! If they become a leader then they would be Starstar. Definitely a Mary Sue name!

Remember the person who made StarKit hasn't read all the books yet

Terrible. Could not make it past the allegiances for ThunderClan, as my head hurt too much to continue reading. If you have OCD do NOT read this fanfic, it will literally make you throw your computer at the wall. Starkit is a blue-grey purple she-cat with rainbow eyes and a star on her forehead. She's also Jayfeather's kit. Now, I disagree with the warrior code in that I think mates and kits shouldn't matter as long as your duties come first, but in the warriors books, this isn't how it is. Jayfeather would've been a warrior, as Leafpool became after she had kits, and Jayfeather didn't even learn how to hunt properly if I remember right. Just a bad character, and a mary sue. - GalaxyBurst

I actually almost named a kit Starkit but then I read Starkit's Prophecy and changed it to the (not) much better, Silverkit!

2 Diamondstar

Should be 1

I believe maybe like a a blueish-gray cat with light glowing blue eyes she has white tabby stripes and one white ear she also has white paws and a white neck truft, she was the leader after princess star’s reign she always felt bad that the deputy gemlight died before her so she named the kit of her last litter gemkit eventually she gave gemkit the name gem sparkle and made gem sparkle her life just like Millie made Briarlight, many wish to be her kit so they could get special privileges

It might work for a former kittypet. - IcetailofWishClan

Ugh, I hate gemstone names. And they always belong to Sues.

3 Beautifulwing

Not a name I’d choose really.

4 Galaxymoon

Fact: Cats goes to space. Get it? Space? Not refering to outer space but getting space on the cat's room.

5 Dragonheart

Cats don’t even know what dragons are.

6 Phoenixtalon

Reason: Cats know about Nyan Cat (unless they saw it in someone's computer).

7 Butterflysparkle
8 Neonpelt
9 Saturnkit
10 Sparkleflight

It has 'Sparkle'

How is this Mary Sue-Ish?

The Contenders

11 Nyancatkit

Reason: Cats know about Nyan Cat (unless they saw it in someone's computer).

12 Perfectstar

Uhm it's literally in the name the definition of a Mary Sue.

13 Prettyfur

Ooh, lets see... Who would call their kit Prettykit? You know, unless they were super proud that their kit was amazingly beautiful. Which is like... never. Like Wolfstep or Squirrelflight or Blackfoot. Those are normal. She could be... a very, very, very fluffy violet-blue she-cat with a pelt like the evening skies. The fur is dappled with white tinge making it look like she was born with a Silverpelt on her flank. She has crystal violet eyes that are similar to amethyst and gleam when the stars shine on them. She lost her 5 siblings to greencough and her parents to a badger attack. She was the only kit who survived and was forced to be another queen's kit. The queen abused her and treated her own kits with never-ending love. The queen soon threw her out of the den. As an apprentice, at the Gathering, the toms from the other Clans noticed the beautiful she-cat and all asked to be her mate so she has 100 kits. As a warrior she was part of a mysterious prophecy where one cat would be ...more

14 Phoenixpretty

My friend named a cat who was Dovewing and scourge's kit, Moondustsparklegleamstargem. She has pink fur with darker purple flecks. She's 'mates' with Jayfeather and "Firestar, Graystripe, etc." Is in love with her. We aren't friends anymore.

1. Cats don't know what Phoenixes are
2. pretty is not a prefix or a suffix.
3. Mary Sue - GalaxyBurst

15 Unicornheart
16 FunnyKit

This is my Mary stu and I made him adorable. I was trying to make a character to kill off but as TaserFace said in guardians of the galaxy vol.2 "no its to adorable to kill"

This guy is my Mary stu. I made him adorable when making a character to kill off in my book. But as Taserface said in guardians of the galaxy vol.2 "no its to adorable to kill" so he ended up having imortality

17 Beautifulglamorouskawaiicutestar

the queen

18 Fireworkstep

Reason: Cats don't know what is fireworks

19 Dragonfire
20 Hellodarknessstar

Named after a song - GalaxyBurst

21 Beautifulmoon
22 Flawlessheart
23 Splitpersona

Just. Yikes. Big old yikes.

24 Princess Sparkle

Like I personally believe she she is a beautiful light pink with dark purple and white dapples kinda like a calico. She is beautiful every Tom loves her and all the she’s want to be her. She can see into the future, she can understand Twolegs speak, fly, read minds, and never get hurt, she also has super senses. She ends up becoming the leader of all the clans combined getting 9 lives for every cat in each clan, she chooses serval mates and has many kits. She never dies and turns all the dark forest cats (that are still alive) good. She is a lot like a siren and can wrap any Tom around her paw. She was an apprentice for 1 day but she was the best.

25 Gemlight

Once I’ve read something where Jessy stayed in thunderclan and she earned the name of gemlight, but here’s how I imagine gemlight (she has the base of ivypool) a white cat but she has peach over her body and one ear is peach she has slight darker tabby stripes over her peach she has beautiful Multicolored eyes, she is princess star’s deputy sadly she died saving princess star, but she did have many mates and kit’s, she is a leader in starclan

26 Kawaiistar
27 Starsparkle
28 Lovemepleasestar
29 Lavenderflight

Those are all pretty name Lavenderflighf: she-cat, has gray fur, darker dapples and lighter darker ish neck tuft paws and backstripe and tailstripe. Also darker ears and milky brown eyes.

30 Heartblossom

My friend made a fanfic with a character called Heartblossom who became leader.

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