Top Ten Mary Sue-Ish Warrior Names

These are the names that you should NOT use when you make a Warrior Cats OC. These names may sound pretty, but they're sue/stu-ish

The Top Ten

1 Starkit

I actually almost named a kit Starkit but then I read Starkit's Prophecy and changed it to the (not) much better, Silverkit!

This is the worst fanfiction ever. - Brobusky

Just no

2 Beautifulwing

Reason : The prefix beautiful, pretty, perfect etc makes it sounds sue-ish - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

3 Galaxymoon

Fact: Cats goes to space. Get it? Space? Not refering to outer space but getting space on the cat's room.

4 Diamondstar

Ugh, I hate gemstone names. And they always belong to Sues.

Spiderman jokes

5 Dragonheart

Reason : Cats don't know any mythical creature like dragon, phoenix, unicorn etc - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

6 Phoenixtalon
7 Butterflysparkle
8 Neonpelt

Reason : Cats don't know what neon color is - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

9 Saturnkit

Reason : Cats don't know what Saturn is - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

10 Nyancatkit

Reason: Cats know about Nyan Cat (unless they saw it in someone's computer).

The Contenders

11 Prettyfur

Ooh, lets see... Who would call their kit Prettykit? You know, unless they were super proud that their kit was amazingly beautiful. Which is like... never. Like Wolfstep or Squirrelflight or Blackfoot. Those are normal. She could be... a very, very, very fluffy violet-blue she-cat with a pelt like the evening skies. The fur is dappled with white tinge making it look like she was born with a Silverpelt on her flank. She has crystal violet eyes that are similar to amethyst and gleam when the stars shine on them. She lost her 5 siblings to greencough and her parents to a badger attack. She was the only kit who survived and was forced to be another queen's kit. The queen abused her and treated her own kits with never-ending love. The queen soon threw her out of the den. As an apprentice, at the Gathering, the toms from the other Clans noticed the beautiful she-cat and all asked to be her mate so she has 100 kits. As a warrior she was part of a mysterious prophecy where one cat would be ...more

12 Sparkleflight

How is this Mary Sue-Ish?

13 Phoenixpretty

My friend named a cat who was Dovewing and scourge's kit, Moondustsparklegleamstargem. She has pink fur with darker purple flecks. She's 'mates' with Jayfeather and "Firestar, Graystripe, etc." Is in love with her. We aren't friends anymore.

14 Fireworkstep

Reason: Cats don't know what is fireworks

15 Dragonfire
16 Unicornheart
17 Hellodarknessstar
18 Beautifulmoon
19 Perfectstar
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