Why I Think Imari Is A Mary Sue

MLPFan Hi, It's MLPFan and I'm going to state some reasons why I think Maria Imari from This Art Club Is A Problem/ Konobi Is a mary sue.
Now, WHO Is Imari and WHAT Is Konobi? So Imari is a character from Konobi, a new 2017 anime. So I think It makes sense why some, if not MOST of you don't know who is Imari and what Is Konobi. It aired In Animax asia months ago, and the anime was quite nice. Usami was a great character and so was everyone else. But Imari didn't got my attention.
She's one of the most liked characters from Konobi and I've saw a lot of people claiming her as their "waifu". So I had high expectations for her. But she didn't got my expectations and felt a bit too perfect. I love anime, but I don't go as far into liking a character just because they love anime and manga also. So yeah, basically.
And without a further a do, I'm just gonna start now

  • Her Chuunibyou ISN'T a good excuse for a flaw

Some of you who are also lucky enough to saw It In the same day as Japan (not trying to sound like a weeb, but Animax releases the new animes in the same release date in Japan. Seriously!) Might be like "But she's a chuunibyou!" But first, It doesn't go out or even seemingly function as a flaw for her. It's just a quirk. It doesn't seem to function as a flaw since It's just there to make her a quirky character and increase more waifu bait in her. And to give the anime a running gag. Other than that, she doesn't seem to have any flaws or problems. She has a really easy life. She's practically a goddess, and a mary sue.
And she also did a cool super jump too! I mean, Uchimaki is taller than her and Usami is only a few centimetres shorter than her, they probably could've got it. And even Usami who had to sit on Uchimaki couldn't get it. While Imari just runs and then jumps, did a perfect land and somehow, she singlehandedly got the kid's balloon that was floating in air! Shouldn't the one who had to sit on someone who actually is TALLER than Imari herself got It? But not for anime, so Imari who doesn't have to sit on someone's shoulders gets it just by running and doing SUPER FLIPPING JUMPS!!!
  • Everyone loves her
When she first came to school, Kaori was like "Usami! In Uchimaki's class there's this really pretty girl who might steal Usami! You better watch out!", Usami was like "That's just a- It is true.. *sad*" and everyone else (excluding Uchimaki) was like "ZOMG!!! SHE'S SO HOT!!! LET'S TALK TO HER!!!! I WANT HER TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!". When the teacher told her to sit next to Uchimaki, every other boy In the class was jealous as fudge(censor) to the point they GLARE at Uchimaki. And then the girls also join the Imari lovers club and started to compliment her. And then a group of boys(delinquents, I guess?) Told the girls that they want to talk to Imari too, the girls SCARED the boys by yelling at them at how they still want to talk to Imari! Which Is insanely too much!
Kaori did had some slight dislike to her and accused her for stealing Uchimaki from Imari, but then after she STALKED Imari from school she realized how nice and sweet Imari is and joined the Imari lovers club along with almost the whole school. Imari's pretty much the queen of the school with that in mind.
The only one who doesn't like her that much is Usami because that she was jealous and anxious over her crush on Uchimaki, but they seem to have a good relationship with each other anyway.
  • "Master"
Collete also joins the Imari lovers club after seeing Imari do some cool Chuunibyou ritual in the rooftop. In fact, Collete was one of the worse ones. By worse, WORSE. She even calls Imari her "master" and follows her around to worship her. She didn't even knew Imari by the time she saw her do the Chuunibyou business! But then just by that moment she goes to Imari like "Can I call you master?". See?
  • Perfect body
She's pretty and cute to the point by her time of arrival she's like the cutest girl in school. I'm fine with that, but do they have to also give her the perfect body? Just watch episode 11, seriously. And no, It's not a fanservice episode. But seriously, do they have to give her the perfect body also? She has a big chest (especially for someone at her age), round hips and so on. Basically, after this episode some of the die hard Imari fanboys are like "IMARI IS TOTALLY MY WAIFU. SHE'S NOT ONLY A CUTE, NICE, SWEET OTAKU GIRL WITH CUTE CHUUNIBYOU-NESS BUT SHE ALSO HAS BIG ASSETS!!! DEFINITELY GONNA BUY A BODY PILLOW OF HER!!!". Not everyone is like that, but I'm sure some were like that while watching episode 11 -_-
I find It unfair that she gets both the perfect body and personality while the others only have one of the two. Some even don't have the two.
Also, she's not a member of the art club, right? So how Is it fair that she gets to stick her nose and shoehorn herself to the activities of a club she's not a member of?! (I forgot. Is she really a member or she just gets to shoehorn herself on pretty much anyone else's business?)
  • No problems in life!
As far as I see, the other characters do have problems in their life, and by problems REAL ones. Such as Usami getting jealous at other girls, including Uchimaki's waifus, Uchimaki who is too obsessed with anime he spends most of his time only making his dream waifu and he even got a bad grade over it once and Colette whose overly vivid and yet childish (no offence) imaginations that probably gave her social problems. While Imari? She doesn't seem to be jealous at anyone or have any grudge, She has a strong love for anime but I don't think she gets bad grades or became obsessed over pretty boys or anything. She did enthusiast over a body pillow and hugged it but everyone was cool at It because she's in an anime store, and she is a chuunibyou girl but she doesn't get social issues over it since come on, If a cute girl held a can and did a cute pose who wouldn't go like "Awh, so cute" or even squeal like beliebers screaming "KISS ME JUSTIN BIEBER!!!" like how the boys at the school did when they saw Imari do so? And again, It's just there as a secondary quirk for her, to give her more waifu bait material, or perhaps as a running gag if the story needs more comedy and sometimes for the moe kind of fanservice.

Those are some reasons why I think Imari Is a mary sue indeed and personally, she's my least favourite character from Konobi. Heck the female teacher is better than her! And I don't even personally liked the female teacher! Imari is pretty much the beautiful, flawless, perfect female character and I hate every inch of her. The truth is, people only like her because she's a cute otaku girl with the cute chuunibyou and has rather big assets (Still can't say the actual word). I mean, Konobi is an anime. Of course people would love her a lot after knowing she has a strong love for anime. And I'm gonna get a lot of flames by writing this.

That's all for now, thx for reading and I'll see you next time!


What's this anime about? - TwilightKitsune

It's a slice of life with some light school romance in it. Some comedy too. It's about a school's art club - MLPFan

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"stealing Uchimaki from Imari,"
Correction: stealing Uchimaki from Usami
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