Top 10 Mass Effect Squad Members

If you play Mass Effect you know you met some interesting people and some of them are your squad members. Which is your favourite.
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1 Garrus Vakarian

Garrus has to be the biggest BRO there is in video game history, with wrex closly second. The bond you get with Garrus in the ME saga is just awesome. He is loyal, has an acid sense of humour that matches perfectly with his rogue police past, is an incredibly talented soldier and has probably the best quotes in the Mass Effect series.

He is good at calibrations too. And has "reach"

He's the most loyal squadmate, he's been with shepard throughout everything. fighting saren, defeating the collectors, everything. and he's the best romance option for femshep because he clearly cares about shepard, and he even says that he loves you, and when you play the citadel dlc, he says some, lewd things, but he's just a big dork! the character development is amazing, and he grows from a romantic dork to a romantic sexgod! because after all, there's no vakarian without shepard.

Your so right and if you are fem shep you falls in love with you and starts being romantic to you

I loved him, but when you romance him or tali you don't get to see the best shipping ever. #Talibrations

2 Tali'Zorah

Ah yes Tali she's my favorite. I really think she's the best in all 3 games what so ever. Her design is awesome and when she curses in the game makes laugh and when she says some funny quotes. She's adorable, sweet, her personality is completely different from other races/characters "except garrus can't beat him " like I said she's the BEST ever. The problem is I just wish she was real. "I thing every guy would like that".

I love to romance with her it seems like the cutest romance of them all I also love her accent, her personality, her character design. She is adorable.

She died in the suicide misson of my play through

I have a shotgun.

3 Legion

A geth who was discriminate against by the people who created him. Despite the disgusting actions of the Quarian people against his kind, he still fought for the day in which the Geth and the Quarians could cooperate and live together as friends, and he died for it. He died for people who hated him. He died for peace. He didn't have to die, but he did so anyways.

Bring Legion with as much as possible. This geth sharpshooter is great in combat but also has the best background and story. Even character texture looks cooler then any other character. I cry knowing I probably won't get a geth again.

Legion is the best squad member out there. I cry every time he dies in ME3, and I just want an option where legion survives. It is for that reason, I haven't played ME3 in years.

The ultimate rebel. Once a simple VI now turned Savior of an entire Race. Logical, unique and extremely powerful.

4 Mordin Solus

Garrus, Wrex and Tali are clearly the three best but I had to vote for Mordin because he deserves to be higher on the list. Don't get me wrong, Legion is awesome, but Mordin is just so damn funny and cool. And (SPOILER ALERT) his final sacrifice on Tuchanka will have even the most hardened badass (ahem) tearing up and yelling to no one in particular to STOP CUTTING THOSE DAMN ONIONS IN HERE!

Everyone remembers his singing (which is hilarious) but what really makes Mordin great is his depth, moral ambiguity, and character growth. My favorite by far.

5 Urdnot Wrex

Easily the best because he's ballsy and is as likely to shoot you as he is to help you. Oh and I love the fact he shoots fist if your try to go the paragon route

When not just defeating your enemy isn't enough, you call in Urdnot Wrex. He might even make a fine dinner out of the remains.

Huh...I've actually never let Wrex live past ME1... gotta save Mordin After all

Don't mess with the T-Wrex!

6 Liara T'Soni

Tali is more popular sure but to me, Liara beats her both as a character and even as a romance option. Her transformation and character development is among my favourite in gaming history. People always talk about how much of a bro Garrus, how adorable Tali is, how awesome Wrex and how hot Miranda is, but for me, nothing beats the charm and intelligence of this blue Goddess.

Liara is one of the most consistent and loyal character's on Shepard's team. You can see her undertake a transformation throughout the trilogy, she starts off as a charming, shy and curious character with a passion. And over the course of the trilogy she becomes a strong and independent person. And she also makes a good romance option too

In my opinion Liara is by FAR the most useful character throughout the series. In game 3 when you level up singularity is borderline on godlike power and speed. So awesome!

Favorite character throughout the series. She starts out as a shy nerd and ends up a tough information broker. Whats no to love

7 Thane Krios

Thane is an experienced assassin, and while he may seem a little cold at first when he opens up and reveals that he is honest, charming, subtle and sweet character, and also is one of the most loyal crew members on your team. He also easily makes the most heart-felt and sad romance in the trilogy.

An emotional character... I like emotional characters :')

An amazing squadmate, guess I like green, ps. He's pure awesomeness

8 Urdnot Grunt

Grunt is heard worker to the team and he made to be prefect
And he sounld be at the top

How can you not like him he's funny when he says his classic quotes and especially on the battle scenes

I'm cry when he die in mass effect 2 in final mision because of me
I love this character and I don't know why
He is funny and awesome

9 Miranda Lawson

My Miri... my romance option as a Male Shepard. Just the dedication Miranda puts into saving her sister, and the loyalty she has for Shepard because he helped with that... glad to have her as my lieutenant in ME2.

Also, I love the "Dating Catwoman" thing going on between them, since Shepard is Alliance and Miranda a Cerberus officer.

Miranda has a very interesting history. She is the one who spent 2 years of her life rebuilding shepard. In the start of mass effect 2 you may not like her but after you get to know her she becomes 1 of the best characters. Give miranda a chance

Miranda Lawson : best Mass Effect character.

She is very good once you get past her perfect human side :) she can be really god, and she loves her sister, it proves that she loves somebody else, not herself

10 Javik

His words are like poetry, worth every cent of the $10. I can't imagine playing ME3 without him!

The Contenders
11 Kaidan Alenko

Too many people condemn Kaidan as being too bland and whiney but those statements normally come from teenagers who are too busy drooling over Liara or Tali (no disrespect to those awesome characters) and not mature enough to take a better approach towards in my opinion the best ME character yet. Kaidan is very realistic and a relatable human which is why I think some people dislike him as a character, along with some jealousy: These people don't want a better version of themselves as a companion/romance option as it might make them feel inferior and resent this character, they want flashy "cool-looking" aliens who either have joke dialogue 95% of the time working as a sidekick or have 2 big assets in skin tight body suits. Kaidan is by no means bland or whiney- He is one of the most genuine and nicest characters, he has an interesting backstory around his biotics and childhood and is with you from the start, either as a romance option or just a friend Kaidan has one of the deepest ...more

Another great favorite to me, since I created a Female Infiltrator to romance him.

Don't get me wrong, Garrus and Tali are amazing characters, but I just don't see them "in that way." My female character chose Kaidan as her LI, and it was quite heartfelt.

Kaidan is a very believable character. Not without flaws, and serious. He may be overlooked compared to Garrus, Tali, and Liara, but he's definitely among the most memorable humans on the list.

Also, he was Shepard's first squadmate. I believe he knew Shepard for a while before the discovery of the Reapers. Extra merit for that!

I've always had a soft spot for Kaidan. I know he isn't a perfect character and he gets really whiny at the end, but I've been through so much with Kaidan that it made me sad to see him leave. As femShepard, I found it hard romancing anyone else because Kaidan was your first squadmember to serve under you (Jenkins died right away so he doesn't count).

Very underrated and very cool, I love his scarred past. He's a real human. Commander shepards too cool to be a realistic version of yourself. You could never be any of the characters on the squad. But Kaiden, he's someone you want to be. He's real, and he should be higher

12 Jack

Tough, powerful, lonely, and a jerk with a heart of gold. Jack is a great squadmate and a well-developed character. In my opinion, she has the most emotional romance in Mass Effect 2.

13 Aria T'Loak
14 Kasumi Goto

Kasumi isn't the most famous thief in the galaxy, but the best! Awesome personality, cool outfit and good in combat - Shame Shepard couldn't romance her and that her role in ME2 and ME3 wasn't that big. A great character though.

15 EDI

That was a joke.

16 Nyreen Kandros
17 Ashley Williams

With an intense amount of character development in the first game, Ashley is the best romance in the trilogy and demonstrates her stubborn and strong willed personality throughout the course of all three games.

She is a good and strong solider, but she has feelings about her sisters and Shepard

18 Samara
19 Zaeed Massani

I just like how Shepard can slowly reform him into a better person.

20 Jacob Taylor

Most decent. wish he didn't die

21 Morinth

Oh, screw her. Samara crushed her head with a punch. I'm not sorry she's dead.

22 James Vega

My caracter looked almost like him: Bad ass and douche, that's why he was always my first pick

23 Jenkins

Jenkins was by far one of the best squadmates. Huge character development and lots of great dialouge

We hardly knew ye...

Great romance as FemShep!

24 Wilson

I'm sorry, who?

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