Top Ten Masterchef Season 5 Contestants

The Top Ten Masterchef Season 5 Contestants

1 Elizabeth Cauvel - 2nd Place
2 Leslie Gilliams - 3rd place

Looks like James from Pokemon

One of the dumbest downfalls ever

Could have gone into the finale of he didn't mix up salt and sugar

Most likely behind the scenes sabotage and also because the producers had a hard on for Courtney - Murphdog405

3 Willie Mike - 7th Place

Absolute unit - Murphdog405

He should be on top. He is the sweetest person to ever be on Masterchef. He never thinks of himself and even had the courage to save people from a pressure test.

4 Ahran Cho - 9th Place

Leslie should have been 9th place.

Even though she's one of the youngest competitors in Season 5, she is very talented. I agreed that the judges were playing favorites and she was right about it and also Elizabeth pointed it out as well! Can't blame her though and Elizabeth

5 Courtney Lapresi - Winner
6 Christian Green - 5th Place

I'm FrOm NeW oRlEaNs! - Murphdog405

7 Jaimee Vitolo - 6th Place
8 Victoria Scroggins - 10th Place
9 Cutter Brewer - 4th Place
10 Francis Biondi - 15th Place

The Contenders

11 Daniel McGuffey - 8th place
12 Francis Legge - 11th Place

Scottish Francis below Whitney, Stephani, Francis B, and Cutter? You must be joking.
He was one of the best performers in team challanges and is the one who made the most original and risky dishes.

13 Christine Silverstein - 12th Place
14 Whitney Bray - 21st Place
15 Dan Wu - 14th Place
16 Elise Mayfield - 13th place


17 Tyler Viars - 16th Place
18 Astrid Lavenia - 22nd Place
19 Stephani Syfax-Shepherd - 20th Place
20 Kira Novak - 18th Place
21 Jordan Kaminski - 17th Place
22 Gordon Houston - 19th Place
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