Top Ten Masterchef Season 8 Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Dino Angelo Luciano Dino Angelo Luciano

THE BEST contestant on Masterchef US. One and only.

One of the best contestants on Masterchef.

2 Jason Wang Jason Wang

Not only an amazing student and chef, but had an infectious and lovable personality!

Him and Cate were absolutely my favorite!

Really nice attitude and cooking skillz

3 Cate Meade Cate Meade

She lost because of her white privelege - Murphdog405

Best one by far. Deserved to win. Deserts just were not her speciality but had a more completed kitchen than the rest. If it was a meat dish in the prelims she would have gone to finals and probably won.. Pity

Ok, now I am raging. WHY DID SHE NOT WIN?!


4 Eboni Henry Eboni Henry

I was personally rooting for her to win but I'm happy that Dino won.

5 Daniel Pontes-Macedo Daniel Pontes-Macedo

They definitely got the right top four for Season 8, but I feel that this guy could've made top 5. Also, that hair though.

6 Gabriel Lewis Gabriel Lewis

He got a better prize than the Masterchef trophy - Murphdog405

7 Yachecia Holston Yachecia Holston

Didn't deserve to be top 9 - Murphdog405

8 Caitlin Jones Caitlin Jones

I didn't really get to like her

9 Jenny Cavellier Jenny Cavellier

Should've made the top 10 over Adam.

10 Jeff Philbin Jeff Philbin

Say what you want, but this guy was a very good contestant.

The Contenders

11 Mike "Newton" Newton Mike

Robbed by Yacheca - Murphdog405

12 Reba Billingsley
13 Adam Wong Adam Wong
14 Brien O'Brien Brien O'Brien

Brien was cut off too soon. To think this guy was rocking numerous challenges and finished 14th? Damn...

15 Sam Reiff-Pasarew Sam Reiff-Pasarew
16 Heather Dombrosky
17 Necco Ceresani Necco Ceresani
18 Paige Jimenez Paige Jimenez

Didn't take the competition seriously and is probably a b! @#$ in rl - Murphdog405

She was my favorite. But she got out! Then my favorite was Jenny, but 2 months later she left. My favorite became Cate, but I was so surprised she left. I mean she was really good at cooking.

She was amazing! She knows how to poach an egg, and she did good. I feel so terrible for her. Paige didn't deserve to leave.

19 Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams
20 Mark Togni Mark Togni

Washed up school jock has been. - Murphdog405

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1. Dino Angelo Luciano
2. Cate Meade
3. Jason Wang
1. Dino Angelo Luciano
2. Eboni Henry
3. Jason Wang


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