Top Ten Masterchef Season 10 Contestants

The Top Ten

1 Dorian Hunter

She was a great contestant, plus her chocolate cake at auditions looked delish.

2 Jamie Hough
3 Nick DiGiovanni

He was pretty good.

4 Subha Rumiah
5 Sarah Farherty

I think she was a good cook.

6 Noah Sims
7 Micah Yaroch
8 Shari Mukhergee


9 Bri Baker

She did a good job.

10 Fred Chang

At the auditions to get in, he made Joe eat all of his dish, Gordon lick the plate, and Aaron drop it. I'd say he is DEFINITELY the best, not the 10th! Has anybody else made Gordon Joe or Aaron do that this season? The tenth at that! - itsuniminecraft

The Contenders

11 Renee Rice

I think her food looked good.

12 Keturah King

I think she got eliminated too early into the season.

13 Liz Linn

She was fine.

14 Kimberly White

I liked her.

15 Deanna Colon

She got eliminated too early.

16 Wuta Onda
17 Sam Haaz
18 Michael Silverstein
19 Evan Tesiny
20 Kenny Palazzolo
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