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1 Algebra

Algebra is exactly like numbers but just letters representing a number. It pretty easy when you get the hang of it. - Dreamformusic

It's fun to solve algebra problems.

It is fun in my opinion


2 Calculus

East or west, calculus is the best.
Yeah so I am going to learn it know, what is calculus?

This is one of the most interesting topics in math, while my favourite is sequences and series - styLIShT

Calculus should definitely be higher up. - PositronWildhawk

Don't listen to the stereotypes. Its actually really interesting to learn about rates of change and such.

3 Multiplication

I actually find multiplication fun. I actually get really excited when I see multiplication in an equation

Kids will even fall in love with this outstanding math topic.

Multiplication gets my vote! What is 80x15?

4 Geometry

Its really cool, but pretty hard

Easy it is just shapes


for all you kids in 1st grade learning your basic shapes its gonna get way harder

5 Addition

As a kid in grade 1, this was the most easiest. Even my teacher agreed! Plus the students.

I like this math it makes me feel smart unless they use negatives and or decimals.

6 Decimals

WAY easier than fractions

To me, decimals are very easy.

7 Division

Same thing as multiplication, but way more fun.

8 Subtraction

I LOVE subtraction! It’s just like the cheering Pokémon Minun!

9 Complex Numbers


10 Combinatorics

Combinatorics is actually a good exercise for your mind, easier topic to home in on if you haven't done math for a while - styLIShT


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11 Fractions

If fractions wasn't around even Pizza won't be existing now,

Better than decimals, especially in higher math

12 Statistics

A nice easy topic to learn. - lachstar123

Very easy to learn - sryanbruen

NO this is hard

13 Trigonometry


So far, so good. - Kevinsidis

14 Probability
15 Mechanics
16 Algebraic Number Theory
17 Algebraic Geometry
18 Real World Problems
19 Shape, Space and Measurements

This topic of mathematics is so interesting and fun to learn! And how the flip does it have 500% of votes? - Wolftail

20 Matrix Algebra
21 Set Theory
22 Linear Algebra
23 Order of Operations
24 Topology
25 Real Analysis
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