Top Ten Mathematical Functions

There is no rational reason for the order on this list; just pick or add the function that happen to be your favorite!

The Top Ten Mathematical Functions

1 log(x)
2 ∫(x)dx

You see a rally car. You don't know how fast it was going, just how far it had gone. It was an Integrale!
Now THAT is a Maths joke!

3 x^2
4 ln(x)
5 sin(x)
6 dy/dx

Differentiation is an infinitely useful and important mathematical funtion. Not only is it good in this respect but it also has a rather impressive back story. Was it Newton? Was it Leibniz? It's all part of the fun with differentiation.

On the order of most useful

7 tan(x)
8 cos(x)
9 |x|
10 +

Can't do anything in life without your simple addition.

The Contenders

11 √(x)
12 log base y (x)
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