Top 10 Best Matpat Videos

Despite the hate Matpat gets he has made good content and has made a few decent videos. Not all of his videos are inaccurate and factually incorrect. Both GT, and Film Theory videos are allowed.

The Top Ten

1 Is Mortal Kombat's Killer Scream Possible? - Game Theory

This is what I consider to be his best video. The research is spot on and the overall theory itself is good.

2 Star Fox, Do a Barrel Roll - Game Theory

A pretty solid theory in all honesty.

3 Bowser's Broken Home - Game Theory

As much as I despise Game Theory I have to give Matthew Credit where credit is due. Unlike a few other theories he actually did some research and actually used the games to support his evidence. I have to say that this theory is one of if not his best.

Probably the most decent theory. He actually did research and used the games to support his claims - Randomator

A lot more researched then Mario is Mental and has lots of evidence to back it up.

4 What is the Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Wave? - Film Theory

Feels like one of his older theories it's well researched and excuted pretty well.

5 Walking Dead, Killing Zombies - Game Theory

A overall decent theory.

6 Mortal Kombat Fatalities IRL - Game Theory

One of his older videos that still holds up well.

7 How Many Calories is Stay Puft? - Film Theory

In my opinion it's pretty decent.

8 Ouija is the Sequel to the Exorcist? - Film Theory

Pretty decent and overall I'd give it a 7/10 at most.

9 Did Rick Clone Beth? - Film Theory

Granted the jokes are mediocre but it's overall not bad.

10 The Horrific Story of Salad Fingers - Film Theory

Proof that not all of his theories are inaccurcate.

The Contenders

11 Pennywise's Greatest Fear - Film Theory

Researched and it pays off.

12 Link Is Dead In Majora's Mask - Game Theory

Unlike that Stupid "Mario is Mental" Theory, this theory had more Research. (Also, Her Referenced My Favorite Zelda Game, Twilight Princess, That Alone works.) - DStar

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