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This is a list comprised of my top ten favorite songs by the undeniably talented, Matt Corby. Since discovering him I've been on a personal mission to spread his name to anything and everybody that can appreciate such a craft. His instrument is unlike anything I've ever heard and every time I hear his voice I begin to fall in an indescribable abyssal of pure bliss. Please take the time to listen and share his music. His vocals are unreal and honestly make me so happy that I found such a person who perfectly captures the style, voice, and tone that enchants me. Please take a chance to appreciate the beauty if his craft, because perhaps just as I felt so may you.

The Top Ten

1 Brother Brother

My very first matt Corby song that I had ever heard. I couldn't believe someone could capture all that I'd ever loved in music in a single song. I had been searching for an artist like this, but until Matt very few captured me the way Matt did in every song. I am so happy I learned of this song, because I would have never grown to appreciate him the way that I do.

I first heard this when Uncle Jed covered it. I saw on the comments during the original AGT broadcast I was watching on YouTube and someone commented that it was a Matt Corby song. I looked up Matt Corby's stripped back version of Brother and was astounded. His vocal range, control of his voice and emotion as he performs is the best I have ever seen.

2 Resolution

This song is Matt's ode to society and he basically is poring out his love to people in such a non-cheesy way. When I first heard this song in early June 2013 I was mesmerized. He ceases to amaze me and this song hopefully as it did for me will allow you to grow a great appreciation for him

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3 My False
4 Untitled Untitled
5 Made of Stone Made of Stone
6 Light Home
7 Breathe Breathe

How isn't this one the number one!

8 Letters
9 Lonely Boy
10 Runaway Runaway

I absolutely love this song, probably the most soulful song I've ever heard.

The Contenders

11 Songbird
12 Knife Edge Knife Edge
13 Winter Winter
14 Souls A'fire Souls A'fire
15 Refuge
16 Coloured Stones and Walls
17 Trick of the Light Trick of the Light
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1. Trick of the Light
2. Lonely Boy
3. Brother
1. Resolution
2. Brother
3. Untitled



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