Best Matt & Kim Songs

I love Matt & Kim these are my favorites but what are yours.

The Top Ten

1 Let's Go

This one's great, I do think Jesse Jane should be number one instead of this though... - UltimateCraig

2 Daylight

Ill take us home and cameras is missing here

3 Yea Yeah
4 Secrets

This is just Bonus Track 1 if you guys were wondering. You can't find it anywhere online. - UltimateCraig

5 Lightspeed

My favorite from self-titled! - UltimateCraig

6 Forever
7 Jesse Jane

This is a really underrated song and in my opinion Matt & Kim's best!

8 Block After Block
9 Red Paint
10 Lessons Learned

The Newcomers

? Silver Tiles

The Contenders

11 Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare
12 No More Long Years
13 Not that Bad
14 World is Ending
15 Not Alone
16 Like I Used to Be
17 Turn This Boat Around

I know I know I should've put this higher on the list. Didn't think of it until it was done. - happyhappyjoyjoy

18 Get It
19 AM/FM Sound
20 Happy If You're Happy
21 Glad I Tried Glad I Tried
22 Can You Blame Me

Just love how upbeat and energetic it is... That said, you can find that in almost all their songs. Can't go wrong with any Matt & Kim. - cartaris101

23 Cameras
24 Ready? Ok
25 Blazing Dynamite
26 I'll Take Us Home
27 Let's Run Away
28 It's Alright
29 5K
30 Verbs Before Nouns
31 Hey Now
32 Make a Mess
33 Please No More
34 Someday
35 Good for Great
36 It's a Fact (Printed Stained)
37 Don't Slow Down
38 Spare Change
39 Haunting Me
40 Fall to Pieces
41 Northeast
42 Ice Melts
43 I Wanna
44 Dash After Dash
45 I Wonder
46 I Said
47 Now
48 Frank
49 Tonight
50 Cinders
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