Best Matt Monro Songs

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1 Portrait of My Love Portrait of My Love Cover Art

Beautiful song sung by the best singer this country has ever produced.

Is the best singer who could sing this song.

2 Softly as I Leave You Softly as I Leave You Cover Art

Reminds me of when we lost our beloved dad x

A singer who is being forgotten.Never appreciated for his talent. KEEP HIS SONGS ALIVE

Fantastic song, absolutely lovely 💚🇮🇪

3 On Days Like These

I sometimes just have this playing quietly while I sit and just...think about things. It's very soothing on a broken heart...

Beautiful song definitely one to listen to in the car. Unless you're in a lamborghini headed for a tunnel in tuscany

I love this song. It reminds me of summer days, unrequited loves and images of driving in tuscany

Sublime! As 'ol blue eyes said; "the only goddam limey that could sing! "

4 Walk Away Walk Away Cover Art

Britgirl, it's simply lovely that you liked the list that you recommended to come in life. Walk Away is a very good song as well, you are right! You did so well and you added it. Thanks for your beautifully encouraging remarks. By the way, your Best Al Johnson Songs list is very unique. Bravo!

To the anonymous list-maker: do you know this song? Simply Beautiful! And if you like Al Jolson, I have a 'Best Of.. ' list.

5 If I Never Sing Another Song If I Never Sing Another Song Cover Art

The BEST song of the Best singer of our generation, Matt Monro.

This song is so good

This is my favorite.

6 From Russia With Love

I'm a huge fan of James Bond movies and songs. This one was first Bond song and still remains one of the most unique & captivating tracks. Love it so much!

I prefer much more Jack Jones' version, but this is the original one and it's fine.

The best of the Bond movie themes! No one sings it like Matt!

Good Bond song.

7 The Impossible Dream
8 I Have Dreamed
9 Yesterday

Love this by The Beatles but somehow, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning whem Mr. Monro sings this quietly in my room. Simply gorgeous.

10 You're My Kind of Girl
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11 Blue Orchids
12 Honey On the Vine
13 I Get Along Without You Very Well
14 Gonna Build a Mountain
15 How Little We Know

With the light-hearted orchestration, this is a delightfully pleasant song that I always enjoy when I come upon it in my all-time standards playlist.

16 Skylark
17 For Mama For Mama Cover Art
18 This Is the Life
19 Before You Go Before You Go Cover Art

Part of trio of songs about lovers splitting,Walk away and Softly the others.Not so well known as them but just as great.

20 My Love and Devotion My Love and Devotion Cover Art
21 Laura Laura Cover Art
22 All of a Sudden All of a Sudden Cover Art

Best of the bests

Jr is one of the imortlse

23 Born Free Born Free Cover Art
24 Who Can I Turn To Who Can I Turn To Cover Art
25 Yesterday When I Was Young Yesterday When I Was Young Cover Art

Beautiful song and Matt Monro has a voice as good as Sinatra

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